Wpg. Blue Bombers vs. Ham. Ti-Cats

Kudos to the Bombers for gutting out a tough road win in the fourth quarter, something they couldn't seem to do last season. And I'll just say that I think the JJ hit on Pierce should have been flagged as roughing the passer. JJ went helmet to helmet on Buck and made no attempt to hit him below the neck.

That smack on Pierce sure as hell looked like head-hunting to me and the refs blew it....that was a 15 yarder :thdn: BUT I did notice our defensive ends didn't let up on Glenn when they could have AND i did notice that Glenn didn't finish the game...He was his ol whiney self when he got dinged...pouting as he left and now apparently today questioning his coach cuz he got pulled....Same ol same ol from this guy...The hammer has a problem :wink:

There was nothing illegal with that big hit on Buck IMO. I didn't see any helmet to helmet contact and Johnson wrapped up Buck with his arms around the chest area. It was a legal hit.

He went helmet to helmet on Pierce, leading with his head. Watch the film again.

He didn't finish the game because he got pulled for crappy play.He was perfectly fine.

If you look at the 15 second mark and the 24 second mark, it is clear that Johnson's helmet hit Pierce's shoulder.

It was not a helmet to helmet hit.


You beat me to it, I was just going to post that.

Im a huge bomber fan and even i know that was not and should not have been a penalty. It was a good hit. This is football people, you cant totally protect anyone on the field. It was the the bombers fault, so they got what they deserved on that play. Kudos to Buck for getting up and doing enough to win the game!!!! Think that hit may help his confidence moving forward. Go Blue! :cowboy:

And kudos go to buck Pierce for taking such a hit and finishing the game considering his history.

Check out the video, entitled TOUGH AS NAILS, in which Duane Forde and Rod Black talk about just that, and some good praise for Suber, who had a great game.


x2. :rockin:

He was playing crappy because he was getting hit. Trust us, we've seen it many times. there is no way Glenn would have got back up after taking the hit Buck did.

....As fine as Glenn can be :lol: ....He certainly was doing the ol limp leg thing heading to the bench...I guess i can confuse it with his 'poor me' act sometimes but i believe Willis rolled up on him....unintentionally of course :wink:

…Have to agree…IF it wasn’t helmet to helmet how come Bucks helmet seemed to magically pop off…I didn’t see Jamals fast hand trick …unstrapping Bucks head gear while in flight…Anyway…like Gordie Howe used to say…We got his number and he’s going to have to pass our way again :wink: :rockin:

His helmet coming off was caused when he hit his head on the turf.

...IF you look close it appears there's a definite helmet to helmet as they both hit the turf....Granted it was tough to pick-up on but i would like to see that crunch in slow-mo.....Anyway, the main thing is Buck took the shot and came out of it okay ...Onward and upward :thup: :wink:

BS. Johnson's feet didn't leave the ground and the strenght of his extended arm clotheslined Pierce to the ground and Johnson let his weight freefall on him. Textbook sack, he never used his helmet as a weapon onto Buck's head which is what the penalty is for, he never slowed down and Buck never saw him coming which is probably why he didn't have time to stiffen up, probably saving him from injury but he definitely saw stars for a few seconds.

I am glad they are calling this penalty properly. Annoys the hell out of me when players brush a QB's helmet and get called. Funny thing is all you guys were all cool about Willis hit on Calvillo last year but now that the shoe is on your foot, it was a dirty hit. :slight_smile: Funny how things work.

Not everyone sees it as a dirty hit. I thought the coaches should have seen it coming, it was right after we hurt Glenn and the Ti-Cats were pissed. The play before the hit was a blitz and still it wasn't picked up. I thought Buck himself should have been looking around. We're a young team, thanks Pierce wasn't hurt or we would hear " I told you so" ad nauseam.

Even if that happened it's not a penalty. The rule is the helmet cannot be the first thing to hit the QB. If there is incidental contact afterward it's not a penalty.

I post at the Bombers official forum and have gone to read some of the posts at OurBombers and I can't say that I've seen even one post suggesting the hit was illegal. You seem to be alone amongst Bomber fans on this one, papa.

..I didn't think clothes :roll: lining was allowed....especially on a qb. any qb.

..How was the Willis hit on AC. close to a penalty for cripes sake...He fell on the ball :lol:

.....Hey i'm not quite alone all together...discipline sees it like i did :lol: ...AND there's a few other Bomber fans that don't post on here that see it the same as me....I guess it's you see it your way i see it mine and don't give me the ol I'm in the minority stuff...There has not been a poll amongst ALL Bomber fans to determine that....correct :wink: