Wpg. Blue Bombers vs. Ham. Ti-Cats

…Another football season gets underway tomorrow…Should be a good one…I think this first game is going to be a good indicator, on how these two clubs will fare in 2011…I see some definite weakness in the Cats secondary, that should be exploited…and it could/should be, by a very talented Bomber receiving corps, once Buck get into his rythym…If we can get enough pressure on Glenn early, this game can be had …The Cats will have an improved run game but if we can keep Colburn off his game and our superior secondary stymies their receivers…hmmmm I like our chances of putting one in the win column right off the get go :wink: :rockin: GoBigBlue

Really? Seems like that's hardly ever the case in the CFL.

I expect a shootout tomorrow night.

Hopefully it's a good one. :thup:

....Just my opinion....but hey ...you read it the way you want...i'll take from it what i see..I just hope it's a good game as well :thup:

I am calling Fred-ex is going to Explode for 150yards. Book IT!

Very excited.. plus, this is my first year as a season ticket holder, so I'm excited about that too! Hopefully the Bombers can have a statement game here and get one in the "W" column early. Might be underdogs this year but this team is better than it's being given credit for.. think we'll surprise a few people! Ti-Cats are gonna be tough this year. Would be very nice to see that we can beat a team that's expected to be up there this year right off the hop.

I doubt there’ll be much running from either side, very strong front 7’s.

I'll be rooting for the Bombers tonight.........but I think Hamilton is gonna take this one. They looked really good in pre-seaon Vs Montreal and Buck Pierce looked average in pre-season. Hamilton has more weapons on offence. That being said...........GO BOMBERS! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

That being said.. GO STAMPS, 55-0 blow out :rockin: :lol:




Sigh...anyone else starting to wonder about Renaud? I thought he was struggling in the pre-season and is definately struggling now...

Woot Woot!!! 82 TD!!!

....Special teams and special teams coach.....straighten it out Lapo ...it's costing you....I don't want to see Jim Daley 2 of the riders of last year coaching our club...I want to see someone who knows what the hell they're doing :roll:....Also tough break for Kito.....enter Jade Etienne next game i guess.. :roll:

...If Renaud hasn't got his head in the game.....give the kicking chores to Palardy....B.S. play on Renauds part :thdn:

...Who ever blew that block that ended up in that devastating sack on Buck should be taken aside and chastised to say the least....One thing that was proven ...Buck can take a shot :thup: unlike some have said :lol:

BIG win....D looks great...Offence will come around...hope the injuries aren't too serious.

Offense can only get better from here, fugly road wins count in the standings too.

Congrats to Lapo on his first road win as a HC.

Bombers actually won the physical battle tonight a very good sign for things to come me thinks.

Good win for the 1st week of the season. Lots to work on, namely on offense - 12comp/26att for Pierce, 5 sacks against, dropsies by the receivers again not going to be good enough for wins over the long haul. I'd like to see Reid release out into the flat toward the sideline more after a block. Seemed like he was always going up the middle and would settle in for a pass near the line of scrimmage. Would have liked to see them go after the new guys hamilton has in the secondary a bit more, especially after the TE TD. Short route patterns will only go so far. D looked good though, Willis had a nice 1st game without Hunt on the opposite side, Suber was oustanding. Hopefully Poblah, Jovo, and TE aren't down for long. That nasty sack on Pierce was as much the Olines fault as everyone else on the field, Pierce included. The bombers had an empty backfield and Hamilton was showing 7-8 men in the box vs the 5 bomber OL, clearly a mismatch. Should have seen the mismatch and anticipated the blitz better. Thankfully he got up after that. Special teams - YIKES what a horrid first half. Good recovery in the 2nd half. Palardy... we're lucky Sakoda pulled up lame right before his first game and we ended up bringing in this kid, despite his rough start early last season in the Hammer. Was steady after he came in and a good start to the season here. Hopefully he keeps it up and we have our new Kennard for the next 10 years.

For all those Hamilton winning the division predictors out there, I know its early but despite the new players I think the biggest thing will be how quickly the new OC and DC get on the same page. The defense for Ham looked decent for the most part, though the bomber playcalling helped with that a bit I think. The offense looked disjointed and uncertain, things fell apart completely once KG got hurt, that leg injury seemed to affect his ability to get the ball out. As much as I like Khari Jones, he's a first time OC and their are high expectations for the team, this could end up being a huge disappointment.

....UGLY win...but yeah 2 pts. none-the-less.....I always thought little Suber had the talent....he really showed BIG in the hammer :thup: :rockin:

A little ugly on offense but an excellent effort by the defense. A good job by our new coordinator.I'm sure our offense will improve with time.Few other than Bomber fans have given this team any chance but this is a team on the rise.

.....I have to agree with wolverine about not taking advantage of the hammers weakness.. that being the secondary IF i'm Pierce i'd have stretched the field on them big-time...They are slow and inexperienced ...Guys like Carr and TJH should have been utilized more...yet their contribution seemed minimal....Burn them deep ...then get the inside stuff to Reid going...We were kind of hesitant to expolit their biggest weakness....Lapo has to learn to put the accent on offence in the right place... AND not let up...He'll get it eventually....

Our defence is coming on strong....Worries about Lobendahn seem to be a little over-played.....AND any qb. thinking of throwing constantly into our secondary will be in tough....A strength this team is developing soundly....

Nice recovery by our special teams in the second-half.....I'll pretend i didn;t see that ugly side of Renaud in the first :lol: along with a few missed assignments by others......ahem...

The problems during the first half on ST had NOTHING to do with coaching. It isn't the coach's fault when a player takes a penalty. It isn't the coach's fault when a punter shanks one. And on the blocked punt, it wasn't bad blocking schemes that caused it - it was Renaud taking forever to get the punt off IMO. Thank goodness the real Mike Renaud arrived for the second half.

So how about people comment on the Ticats having a 9.3 yard average on kick-off returns compared to the Bombers 27.2 yard average. Or the Ticats 4.8 yard average on punt returns compared to the Bombers 10.1 yard average. That is the work of the ST coach.

It was an ugly win but that's fine with me. I wasn't expecting the offence to be firing on all cylinders for the first game. Defences are always ahead of the offences at the beginning of the season. Considering Poblah and Edwards were both out for the second half it isn't surprising the offence struggled. Pierce's numbers would have been better if it weren't for a few drops by receivers but that also seems to happen more during the first game. I'm confident the receivers will be better.

I hope the injuries to JJ, TE and Poblah aren't bad. I would hate to see any of them out for any period of time.