WPG agree to terms with QB Nichols on contract

Bombers agree to terms with QB Matt Nichols on contract extension

[i]Quarterback Matt Nichols and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have agreed to a contract extension, per sources.

The 29-year-old was set to become a free agent in February and was considered one of the premier pivots potentially available – particularly after Saskatchewan dealt the rights to Darian Durant to the Montreal Alouettes.

Originally signed by the Edmonton Eskimos in 2010, Nichols was acquired by the Bombers via trade in September of 2015 and signed to a one-year contract for 2016. He began last season as a back-up to Drew Willy but took over the starting job after the team got off to a 1-4 start. Nichols led the team to seven straight wins and the team finished 11-7, placing third in the West, then losing to the B.C. Lions in the West semi-final.

Nichols made 13 starts last season going 10-3 for Winnipeg and he now has a 17-15 career record as a starter.[/i]

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gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 2m2 minutes ago
told @Wpg_BlueBombers and Matt Nichols working on finalizing 3-year deal and they hope to have it done so he can sign it while in town #cfl

That’s a sigh of relief from collected bomber fans you hear.

Even at an outlandish $400,000 per anum - that’s cheap if it means the bombers are semi-competitive and can drill down the schedule for another playoff spot.

I’m sure the bombers paid Mighty Matt at least $40,000 more than anyone else in the league - if anyone else in the league even made a pass at Nichols!

Stability is the one thing you need on a pro football team - particularly at the QB spot. Mike “Maggot” Kelly, Jeff Reinbold and now Shott Milanovich learned this the hard way. Even though the majority of Wpg fans would have bought 2 rookies and a washout coming to town - the bombers knew they need to compete the next 2 or 3 years and keep the cash rolling in.

They would have easily paid Hank Burris $350k in order to breach the gap - but 42 yr old Hank, in a football media hotbed like Winnipeg would have been a hot mess, especially if Hank started mouthing off or putting down the organization. So pay an extra $2,500 to $4,000 a game and let the chips fall where they may! :cowboy:

That didn't take long after Durant was traded. :wink:

This has to be good news for WPeg. I thought Nichols had a great season last year.

[i]It's good to see that the Bombers didn't "Nichol and dime" Nichols, and opened their wallet to pay the dude.

There is no sense in pinching pennies, you gotta pay the quarter back. If a GM can't see this, he is a loonie! :smiley: [/i]

If you're gonna be perennial Grey Cup non-participants may as well do it in style - and have a QB capable of winning 8 to 11 games a season. In actuality Winnipeg may be paying Nichols $10,000 to $30,000 LESS than Boxcar Willy - so while the team is still a few players (and coaches) away from slithering into a Grey Cup they won't be blown off the field! :cowboy:

.....No terms of the new contract available as it isn't finalized....I think we'll see an incentive laden deal around the 350-400K mark...Must be suitable to both sides and Nichols was the most likely option...Although not spectacular, Matt is a good game manager

One quarterback a Grey Cup does not make. But at least its a start. If the Bombers start scrimping on vital defensive needs and believe invisible man Little Richard Hall can get it done they got another thing coming.
Even if Nichols has a career season - wins western all-star QB the current state of the bombers is probably no better than a 10-8, 3rd place western team!
My thesis based on the following facts:

  1. Little Richard Hall is a deadbeat d-coordinator
  2. Mike O'Shea is no Bud Grant, Cal Murphy or even Dave Skrien - a mediocre head coach at best, career .400 winning percentage says it all.
  3. Light-weight under-powered d-line
  4. Aggressive but under-powered linebacking corps
  5. Try to find a top notch o-line coach in late January/February

Ouch!! another big contract for 3 years equals failure. Average QB at best.

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 53s54 seconds ago
Nichols deal with @Wpg_BlueBombers pretty straight forward. Bonus money is for roster dates not play time. $400 k, $420 k, $450 k #cfl @cfl

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 49s49 seconds ago
Reilly, Collaros make north of $500 k, Bo Levi around $460 k, Harris around $420 k this year. Walters @Wpg_BlueBombers got fair value #cfl

From Bo Levi

Bo Levi MitchellVerified account
@MattNichols16 Congrats Matt. More than deserved brother. Looking forward to all the great battles. Let's pick up where we left off!

It’s not really a “big contract” when you look at what other QBS are getting.No contract is guaranteed in the CFL so why does this equal failure? He is neither spectacular or awful but he certainly is a decent CFL QB.If he keeps his TD/interception ratio on the right side he can be a winner.As a Bomber Fan I like this.

At least we didn't go with an unproven QB or a injury prone one. Matt showed what he could do last year. I liked it. A little time and STABILITY will only make things better...I don't feel that we waited till Durant was signed because we weren't as desperate as Montreal... I always felt that signing Matt made the most sense for all involved.

Nichols had about 3/4 of one good season before getting this contract. I wish Winnipeg well but he is not proven in the least.