WPG is bad but to be 19py undergods at betcanadian no way I am betting them big


Winnipeg is going to get their teeth kicked in.

…isn’t this the same sort of thing that EE fans said about Montreal?..I seem to recall words such as ‘dominate’ being used on how the EEs would treat the Als…hmmmmmm…

Yup, I think Edmonton are going to take out last weeks loss on some Winnipeg hide.

Yes, some moronic comments said exactly that.

It was so nice before the internet… the days when village idiots stayed in their own village.

Talk is cheap get down on them with some dough I hate winnipeg and edmonton both but I like money so I signed up at the sight and bet 100 on the peg

…just pulling your leg EJ…IMO you should have no trouble with the 'peg, but that’s why the game is played and the better team before the game isn’t handed the W automatically…

i thought the spread was 20.5

I would still take Edmonton w/ the points.

I think even the 20.5 spread is a little on the low side, actually.

bookies…never tell you who they really think is going win…there is NO profit in that…and being right all the time…would lose them money.

stamps says he likes money. well why would you take +19 when you can get +20 elsewhere? unless you are shilling for their site?


Some people here are unclear on the concept.

Bookies don’t have an ‘opinion’ on who is going to win, and they also don’t care - not at all.

All that bookies care about is that there be an equal number of bets on Winnipeg as there are on Edmonton - nothing else!

If the line was Edmonton by 3 points, everyone would bet Edmonton - bookies don’t want that.

If the line was Edmonton by 40 points, everyone would bet Winnipeg - not good either.

So the bookies set the line at whichever number is most likely to draw an equal amount of money on each side…and if the initial number set results in one side being bet substantially more than the other, then the odds are adjusted.

For example, if bookies say Edmonton is favored by 20, and still, 80% of people bet Edmonton, then the number will go up to 21 or 21 1/2, or more.

Similarly, if the number is 20 and most people are betting Winnipeg, expect the number to go down to 18 or 19, till things even out.

That’s how it works.

g: good explanation.
also like to add that the books consistently lose at cfl. unlike the nfl, where the house wins 60% of games that move 2 or more points, in cfl games, where games move 2 or more, the bettors win 70% (or higher) of their bets.
if the books won at cfl, they would all put up the games on monday - and would have higher limits. and the cfl lines will get even softer once ncaa fb and nfl comes along.


No comment, hope we get a few wins this season.

KK has no comment…stop the presses the world has come to an end… :shock: :lol: :shock:

I just hope the BB make it interesting, a win would be a god send…

Well, let’s face it. The BB are bad, but they won’t lose 18 straight. They’ll have to beat someone at some point. Good teams sometimes fall to unexpected underdogs. Didn’t the mediocre Dolphins beat the three times Super Bowl champions last winter?

If Winnipeg wants to beat the Esks or the Argos, they have my full support!

whenever a cfl team is -14.5 or greater favorite, the favorite has won 25 times, lost once. doesnt bode well for winnipeg SU.