54 pts per game average for week 14 of the 2013/2014 NFL season.

Low scoring boring indeed.

Remember those "NFL only counts" fans not long ago was putting down the CFL for not having any defence. Hmmm, wonder what they say now? :wink:

it is more than evident that the NFL is now a passing league, with pivots routinely throwing over 40 attempts per game, and some in the 50+ range.
not to mention that 5,000+ passing yards per season is also commonplace. (in only 16 games to boot)

The NFL finally came to the conclusion that the CFL was more entertaining and adopted our MO. 8)

Yes, when you're playing agains't teams with Brady's and Manning's, you better figure out a way to score points, and fast.

and after 14 games, the Broncos are averaging nearly 40 points per game. (39.8 to be exact)

that is just an incredible offensive output.

anyone know the CFL single season record for PPG scored?

I suppose a Canadian football fan could say that with 4 downs to work with, it’s about time they figured out how to score.

But a Canadian football fan would be too polite to say that.

from what I have found, the modern day CFL record over an 18 game schedule is 38.77 PPG by the Stamps in 1994.

Not sure if this is an all-time record however, considering the incremental changes from 14>16>18 game seasons over the years.

Exactly, obviously the NFL is an inferior product since there is no defence to speak of?

It's telling that in Wildcard Weekend last weekend for the NFL playoffs, all four teams were crushed due to poor defence in the 4th quarter.

Three were beaten due to poor run defence, and the Chiefs lost due to some historically awful pass defence (GO COLTS!).

The Eagles and Packers lost because they could not stop the run on the very last drive to the Saints and to the 49ers respectively. Unlike Colin Kaepernick, Drew Brees did not have to work out any 4th quarter magic either. The Bengals could not stop the run for much of the 4th quarter.

In any gridiron football, if you can't stop the run in the 4th quarter when your team is ahead, you deserve to lose.

The real credit goes to those 'hosses' on those offensive lines!