there is a new fridge in town :smiley:

what a catch for the big guy.

and if you dont know what I am talking about, shame on you for not watching the game :wink:

Bomben is the best NI linesman not starting in the CFL and Jim was smart enough to extend him :thup:

I am at work ... Does that excuse me?


hmm, nowadays, thats hard to say :wink:

I was actually listening to the game, but then some bone head ripped out the water lines to our bathrooms here, so I actually had to do some work and missed the second half! :frowning:

Quite a catch indeed. Bomben, a 6'4", 305 pound guard, lined up at tight end, ran into the end zone, jumped to make the catch in double coverage, and came down with it for a touchdown. It'll probably be on every highlight reel this week. Pretty good catch by anyone, but very unexpected for someone his size.

This is a great example of getting the most out of a players skill. With teams using more TE formations he may end up with a number in the 80's next season. The way he went up to get that pass he is not your normal extra lineman sliding out he actually has some receiving skills

You see him move to on special teams. He has very good speed for a 300 pound man.

I watched the Cats game from work yesterday.. the internet is not just for porn anymore!

You are not excused

Great way to make use of our extra O-line depth, given all the injuries we have on offense.

You know what's even more interesting? He currently has consecutive games reception streak of 4 right now...