I take back all my negative comments about the CFL today I watched and it was a great Grey cup (not quite NFL quality, but it can go toe to toe with NCAA football). I wish the CFL would expand because 9 teams are not enough in my opinion, but 16 would be great. By the way the Grey Cup is sexy!

cfl kicks nfls ass any day....

agreed. But now that's the only football on until next cfl season. Kinda pi**es me off..... :frowning:

WOW don't go that far... The NFL is much better than the CFL, but the CFL > NCAA which is good enough for me.

NFL is boring and mechanical, and the overtime is horrible!

You're just saying that because the NFL isn't in Canada.

no not really, but i bet thats your reason... I still like the NFL but imo, it doesnt even come close to the cfl.....

NFL clearlyyyyy has better talent because they have more money and that is where the best talent goes. Better talent = Better football = NFL.

NFL = Much better talent

CFL = Much better rules and much better game

Both have their their qualities.

Well said Blue Dragoon. I just hope the league adds more teams because 9 can get too repititive.

Please stop posting your opinion about the NFL vs. the CFL as if it were a fact. The games are different, and those of us on this forum simply love CFL football. Most of us prefer it to NFL football, at least I know that I do.

There are not 16 Canadian markets, therefore a 16 team CFL isn't feasible. 10 teams will even out the schedule nicely though, and that is a reasonable goal. But please, we have an expansion thread every week...we just finished the greatest championship that the continent has seen in a long time, don't spoil it.

So what if the talent is in the NFL? That's because there's a lot of money there. Ask me whether I'd rather pay $60 for an NFL game or a CFL game - it's not about the talent, why do I watch my school play hockey every single home game? They're not the best in the country...

Please lurk a little bit more before you start posting all over the place.

And by the way, I'm American. A life-long Denver Broncos fan, in fact, living in the hellhole that is the Raider Nation. Don't tell me that the NFL is a better product, I'll make that judgement by myself.

welcome to the good side, mate! :smiley: let's just put a team in the EAST for now and see what happens.

Bluedragon, tock the words out of my mouth, thanks!

and S, a mistake in the NFL is 10 times bad than in the CFL and a great play in the CFL is 10 times as great.

If you say that that CFL is on the same level as the NCAA , you really don't know football. :lol:

You also don't know much about CANADA.16 teams? , we don't have the population for that. :wink:

But it is nice to see that the NFL copied a Canadian invented game , so well.

Except for exciting championships , anyway. :lol:

We also don't want the NFL in CANADA , we have our own game, thank you. :wink:

OH and by the way , only 1 country plays NFL football , and only 1 country plays CFL football.

The WORLD'S most popular sport is SOCCER , the NFL doesn't even come close. Even HOCKEY , is in the Olympics , and has a true WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP......THE NFL , is NOT ,and does not . :lol: :smiley:

and if it ever did make the Olympics, they would have both rules meaged togerther.

Stillers, I am not an NFL hater. But I do admit I think the CFL gives a way better show. In last night's game, the lead changed six times and 28 points were scored in the last 7 minutes. When will you see that in an NFL game?

Not to mention, with 40 seconds to put the ball into play and 4 downs, the game last night would have ended 25-20 for the Alouettes, because they had the ball at 2:20 from the end of regulation time. They could have just run the clock out... and that's it. As much as I would have loved seeing them get the Cup, I think that would have been a lame end of game. What we really saw was pure excitement.

Well said Third

That was the best football game that we will see in our lifetime in any league and is it not funny how the CFL has the vast majority. Congratulations to the WORLD CHAMPION EDMONTON ESKS. Isn't it funny how the CFL bashers always have to say it is not as good as the NFL. Who cares. We who love the CFL know it is a BETTER product and yes, the athletes are also BETTER. On whose account, certainly not mine, do the NFL lovers maintain their product is better. That is pure crap and the American propaganda that some people choose to believe as they cant see the forest threw the trees. Just because they get paid more $, as most of us know does not mean better player. Absolutely not, we have a faster, better and more skilled game played by more skilled athletes. Period.

I agree with you Thrid and somewhat you too argotom, and yet my family and friends still don't get it. very sad.

I hate the way that the Americans down play everything that they don't like as evil and hype up everything that they see as good and that they came up with (like Griniron Football).

Sorry but better talent does not mean a better game.
College football does not have the talent that the NFL does does that make for lower quailty games.

Same can be said for minor league hockey and every other game.

That fact that the NFL is not in Canada has nothing to do with the fact that the Canadian GAME is better.

If the NFL were to switch to a Canadian fioeld and rules I would agree with you but not untill then

I' am i the only one thinking this debate NFL and CFL is a dead issue. I never had this discussion in the U.S only in Canada. Can't we just say both leagues are successful, and appreciate the many different ways the game can be played. I personally like more running than passing, and thats probably because I' am an offencive lineman, and take pride in my back racking up 100 plus yards. I take it personal when my team has to pass, because it telling me my line can't get enough yards for a first down.

Here is an experiment i put together earlier in the season:

Can an American who claimed to be a diehard football fan, be one if the don't like the CFL. Answer NO.

Down in the United States my local sports provider puts on between one and two games a week. I would purposely put the game on and pay little attention to my brother. It was early in the CFL season, and he told me to change it its boring. Side note, it was a boring game but i explained it to him. A few weeks later when he stopped by my house i had a game on and he started to get curious about it, and ask questions. He started to like it and appreciate it even though it was different from what he was use too. To make a long story short he was the one who asked me to come over to my house and have a few beers and watched the grey cup together, and of course he loved it and wants to go to a few games next season in Montreal.

In my opinion you cannot be a football fan and not be a fan of both leagues either way you put it its football. I' am the kind of person that will watch a pickup game. My week revolves around this sport. I watch CFL, NFL, NCAA, Semipro(I play), High School, Pop Warner(I coach). I don't care what league is better, thats the least of my worries.

I actually prefer semipro football because these guys have to work 40 hours a week, and must love the game because there is no money. Some of these guys if they get hurt they lose there job. It's for the love of the game. There are really no fans except family, no trades if you don't like you team you can switch after your yearly contract is up. Semipro is actually catching on in Canada. Montreal Titans, and the Ottawa Demon Deacons of the Empire football league. I would encourage everyone that able to play up in Canada to play.