Always fun to start with a win IN Edmonton. The D looked pretty healthy and if Casey was kicking himself because they can be better then look out. A little swagger is good for us all. Could be a year to remember is upon us.

Ya good to see a better looking "D" this year and a win is a win unlike how long it took last year.

Casey will fix what ever is bothering him he did not look comfortable in there but i guarantee you he will be ready against Sask.

I think Casey has to relax and he will be great.

how long have people been saying that???

Congrats to B.C. with their win. :thup: Next up for us is Montreal; YIKES

As long as you have something negative to say about everything?
Or just since he was the MOP.

Great to see the Lions win their season opener. Ricky Ray for the Eskies is a top notch QB who can kill you if you let him. The Lions D shut him down. Bravo!

Printers will play better. He better! lol, The Eskies' D is not the best in the league. What I liked about tonight is that although the Lions O did not score more than one touchdown, McCallum stepped up to the plate and capitalized on every opportunity he had to put points up on the board. 18 points off his foot was awesome not to mention how great his punts were.

By the way, was it McCallum who was doing the kick offs after the field goals were scored? I can't remember. There was one kick off that was launched into the Eskies' end zone.

How many times was Printers sacked? I think you can count them on one hand. Not bad at all.

Printers' play in my opinion was ho-hum but to win tonight he fortunately did not need to better. It will be much different against Saskatchewan I'm sure.

Congrats Lions fans, nice start to the season .

Thanks for the comment, don't worry esks fans the Eskimos will be good this year Ricky ray is a slow starter we all know that, remember it is how you are playing at the end of the year than the beginning.

as for Casey Printers he has to work out some kinks, and he has to somehow relax more when he is be hind the centre he is too tense out there, maybe he has to relax more in practise and not try to be the whole leader.

I was most impressed with the Lions' defence. I've never particularly been a big fan of Benavides, but with that staff of Washington, Miles, and Stubler I think you're on to something. I especially liked the way Korey Banks was used. . . officially the Sam LB but on every play he was moved all over the place, so that the Esks just never knew where he was coming from and weren't able to account for him. Very creative defensive game planning.

Coach Stuber is going to help your 'D' tremendously but Wally going and getting veteran recruits in free agency really paid dividends yesterday. Kudos to your coaches for their foresight and good game plan. My Riders need to be ready against your very good defence.
Casey should be benched soon. Travis Lulay scares me more than any young quarterback I have seen in the last 10 years- he will be a star and could lead you to the Western final. Dump Casey soon. :cowboy:

5 sacks was pretty impressive. All we need is a little work on the O-line and we should have everythign we need!

Congrats Leos. I don't even dream we'll go undefeated but it's nice to start out on a win. Alway nice to beat Edmonton too