... that was a auesome game for a stamp fan. Like i said on thursday, im not going to bash any stamp fans, you guys outplayed us on every aspect of the game we were manhandled through and through.

though i do wanna say how utterly disrespectfull Nik Lewis was to Shannon Garrett a 12 year vetern who deserves soem respect and when hes hurt Hes getting a does of Nik Lewis spewing disrespectfull remarks to a hurt player.. jsut wrong...

but other then that congrats.

RRNR first of I am not going to ridicule you on this issue. But a player if hurt should not be playing right. Why was he in there if he could not get the job done. Is Geronimo cocky you bet he is and the rest of the team picks up on it. Shannon Garrett was owned today! Yws, he does deserve respect but the problem is he was challenged and failed.

no,no,no,no, he got hurt on the TD play and couldnt get to Nik. I jsut think you knwo you dont say on air your carrer is doen to a player that is prob the best cover guy in the league..

Ok I misunderstood! Well he did not lie he was done for the night right!

just want to say thankyou stamps so when you meet us in the west final hopefully the lions will have their heads out of their a$$'s and it will be an entertaining game

........slow down everyone and get your spelling down pat.......I'm old and had a few........, I didn't see the play you are talking about, so I can't comment..........I know Geronimo can get into a zone, like most players will, but if he dissed when he shouldn't have dissed I'll sit him down and have a chat........try anyway.......

Funny thing about that Garrett injury is he ran fine until Nik
crossed the goal line. I wont say he was faking, but it was suspicious.

RNR you must admit Garrett looked like a beaten man at the end of
the game with the towel on the head. As for the trask talking, he
put a big target on his back with his comments and he backed it up.

You read the article and Nik's actually respectful, just doesnt believe
he can cover him, and after tonight im not sure he can either.

See you guys next week, hopefully with same results. Either way it
should be fun.

yah im not gonna get into a big argument over this, we know who was the better that night.. tommorw, is the day i stop kissing your ass for a good game and start backing my boys for next week

Thanks Calgary.....Do it again so we can meet at the Dome in two weeks!

I wanan see Calgary and Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup!!

So the Stamps can lay a licking on the Riders.

Calgary Kinda owned them this year didn't they.

Early prediction- GCup Stamps/Montreal. I think Mathews has been sandbagging the team all year and the finals are going to show a different Montreal. Stamps/Riders would be a real fun game though