i hate you guys but yuo are looking great, go esks go

..........up until the fourth quarter.........then it was all too much........

The Stamps are looking much better in the last couple weeks, just came up against the top team in the league thats all, cant wait for next weeks game against the bombers, sure hope they knock off the Argos tomorrow to make this game even more important. I think the bombers will win in a squeaker. Good luck.

im a lions fan and we rule u suck

actually this is how the west works...........
B.C Sucks and Swallows, and the rest of the teams are alright in my book.....

you know i dont mean to interrupt your argument but i have to say, Argonauts 04 Champs, the way i see it is BC doesn't suck because if they did they wouldn't have won 7 games in a row.

its not as if you have won them easily....and I guess by 7, your counting exhibition....nice try............saying a team sucks is a figure of speech much like .........besides the context i used it in doesn't mean the suck your thinking of..

I understand. I think I know what your talking about. Do you have a favourite team?

of course, its the argos, i only put that website as an example...ti-cats havent beat us since labour day 2002, and they still say we suck. its a figure of speech. obviously the lions are one of the most talented teams in the league...i just say they suck caz i dont like em. :smiley:

I can understand that. Argos are a very good team as well. DA is very talented at his age. Being a grandfather and all. In my opinion he throws like a guy in his twenties.

Stamps looked good against the Lions and it makes me happy. Stamps are my 2nd favourite team and would love to see a showdown in the Western finals with them.

Still not crazy about Burris but he’s playing well and as usual, played well all game and makes a mistake in the 4th (interception). Keep it up Stamps.

The Stamps looked AWFUL vs. B.C. because that ubelievably stupid safety they gave up when the GAME WAS TIED with 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter. What was with that and why is nobody talking about it? It was just about the worst play I have seen in a very long time. Calgary was not beaten by B.C., they lost it, and in no small part because of that one play. Following which the Lions scored a major and put the game out of reach for good.

That was really sad because, even though I'm a long time Eskimos fan (now living in the States) I was cheering for Calgary. They deserved to lose for doing such a stupid thing.

They felt field position was required by giving up the two points IMO it was a good smart move. 2 points is better then 7 at this point in the game.

So why is this safety important if it didn't affect the outcome of the game?

Didn't affect the outcome of the game? Every point you give up affects the outcome. When the game is tied with twelve minutes left the LAST you thing any team should want to do is give up points. Moreover they completely demoralized themselves and as a result never scored another point in the game.

As for the field postion argument, they gave up two points THEN TURNED THE BALL OVER. That is just lame coaching. So in effect they gave B.C. a nine point touchdown because B.C. scored on the next posession. That's critical in a tight game. They would have been far better off just booting the ball out and if B.C. got the ball on the Calgary's twenty and scored they still would have given up less points and then gotten the ball back. Instead they handed B.C. two points AND the ball. Unbelievable. The difference ended up being two touchdowns or a touchdown and two field goals instead of a touchdown and a field goal. Calgary would have kept their momentum, but instead they gave up at that point and never scored again.

What a shameful play.

How about this. What if they didn't give up that two points? They still would have lost.

Maybe, maybe not. We'll never know now because they totally blew any chance they had of staying even by forking over a two point lead and the ball. That's high school man. I feel sorry for the players. They deserve better than that.

I agree the fact was you give up two points try and kick it deep and then the defense stops them. Gain 2 points
Now if you do not give two points kick from deep the lions get a decent return they are with in field goal or the red zone. 3 or 7 points are the potential.

To our California friend the CFL is much different then the NFL you can easily get that 2 points you gave up back. Remember in the CFL you get a point for a missed field goal.

The fact they did not lose by two points means it is meaning less at this point.

But they didn’t lose by two points they lost by 13 points. 11 points if they didn’t give up two points. Either way they lost. BC beat them fair and square.