Wow, XFL TV production is pretty damn good

I just finished watching St Louis vs Seattle XFL game and I'll tell you, Fox's TV production absolutely blows TSN / CFL away.

One example; there were fewer people in the stands than a typical CFL game however you would never know it (I'm guessing somewhere around 25k-27k in a 65k stadium). Like WWE, they keep the TV cameras so tight on the players and the fans (that are there) that you never see an empty seat (the entire 2nd tier of the stadium was probably empty but it appears very dark up there and the top of the TV screen always cuts off before you see the upper tier). The building looked full. They also gave the fans towels and had everyone waving them - they miked the players, coaches, and the crowd. Great use of the field cameras. It was a pretty good game too.

I post this not to troll but to suggest the CFL / TSN can really learn a lot from this league.

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I have been saying this for years. TSN has rested on its early laurels and has been very static in its presentation for years. I contracted to them eons ago and can think of no reason why their broadcasts can't be better. Why is shot framing wider than the NFL, why aren't there cameras in/on the goalposts, why haven't they employed keyed on the field graphics aside from the first down line. For not having any real true visual innovations in what seems like forever they get a failing grade from me.

Randy (and TSN) are you reading, fix this before the goofy 2.0 stuff.

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Great post .

You just have to look at Toronto BMO broadcasts and question why do such little effort when this is the flag ship franchise , why sell merchandise like it's out of the back of a van , and lastly why do this when your not just the broadcaster but the owner /partner .


I think it's been a long time before the Argos have been called the flagship franchise but I see your point. It is such a bizarre disconnect that has happened there.

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Excellent post. I have been saying for years that the production for CFL games has been utter Bush league. You know the camera in the players face on the sidelines for a eternity as a example. Why is the overhead camera not used in every stadium. The production has become so bad that last year I virtually tuned out of watching on TV. As a season ticket holder since 1975 my interest in the league is fading fast due to the fact that watching other games is hard to stomach due to the reluctance of the league to force the broadcaster to improve their production. I'm actually starting to follow the XFL in part due to their quality production.

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As someone who was in the biz, the coverage isn't bush league, but it isn't as good as it could and should be. I just would like to know if the league monitors these forums and listens to its fans. It's somewhat discouraging to see people singing the praises of a months old league (of which if past history holds true won't be around very long) just because they have a few innovations in their coverage. So that should be a lesson to CFL/TSN, even a quality gift has to be properly wrapped.

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Like the short XFL halftime ... might be tougher in the CFL as players are running a bit more

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Amazing what happens when there is no competition. One does tend not to innovate, but rather stay with the status quo.

Yeah, put the cfl back on cbc, Canada wide viewing on t.v. Everywhere for free, Canadians, Before it’s lost forever. Make it happen.

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About as likely ... but if we are wishing for impossible things

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Right, CBC. 70% of the games televised were from the east. Not. TSN may not be as good as they should but they are a helluva lot better than CBC.

Welcome - first post and bringing the fire! I like it.