Wow - who is everyone? Intros!

Wow ... look at all these posters ... I recognize quite a few handles

Welcome all

3rd here ... sometimes "Turd" and somewheres "banned"


Im relatively new to this forum, a friend told me about this site. Ive been here a little over a month or so, and its been very interesting to say the least. If you dont like the name "sambo", you can always call me Sam.

Well, I’m me now. Funny thing is that it was only on and where I had ancient handle from initial registration.

Hi Turd 8)

im probably hated by 3/4 of everyone here lol..just cause of ym brash additude after the eskies win everythign every year

We already have someone who goes by Third and Ten AKA Turd! :lol:

Yeah, what are we gonna call Turd now? 3nd's always available..... :lol:

so are we introducing ourselves on here?

I go, G'day everyone, my name is Kanga-Kucha, also so to be know as "K-K/BB/AP".

I'm a 21 year old Australian currently living in Georgia who discovered the league in 2003 (although I might sound like I followed the league for more than that, I have done some research over the last 3 years), I'm a die hard Bombers fan, I'm also a die hard Jets fan (since 1992 when I saw them play ageist the Rangers in NYC). I never been to Winnipeg, but I love the city. I love Canadian Football!!! It's like a combination of my favorite aspects of two sports that I love, although I know it came first before one of them, Gridiron football (American) and Rugby

my top favorite sports are

  1. Aussie Ball (commonly know as Australian Rules Football)
  2. Ice Hockey (they need no touch icing though)
  3. Canadian Football

  1. One Day Cricket
  2. Rugby

other things that I like are video games, Anime, Oriental foods, flags, maps, and politics.

one last thing you should know about me, and I will say this only one in respect for the other posters that have been on here longer, is that I love CFL football, but their are a few rule changes I'd like to see.

  1. Action Point: ok I HATE KICK CONVERTS, I'd rather have TD be worth 7 points instead of 6, and have teams, if they like, after every TD, run a two point convert, but only for one point.
  2. Keep Cross Over and award troupes to the East/West winner of standings, as well as an award for the best team overall.
  3. Singles on Balls hitting the uprights. This is like a rule in Aussie Ball.

  1. 3 week preseason (3 week play in neutral locations against rivals, and other things)
  2. Punt Penalty (extension of No Yards)
  3. move the OT to the 50 yard lines instead of the 35 yard line.
  4. have a C instead of 55 at the centre of the field
  5. Count QBs in the Import Ratio rule ( ... 1&start=30)

the top three are rules that I'm really passionate about.

so that's a bit about me, what about yourselves?

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LOL .... "Turds" are everywhere

Kanga, this is an introduction thread, not a dating site.....

lol...i thought the same thing.

Seriously .... where did everyone here come from .... what old forum?

There are tons of names different from the old

Thnx. and just merged, for those who don't know. Myself, I'm from the "old"

well, that's what I did, introduce myself, and told at bit about me to caught the newbies up to SPEED.

which Keanu Reeves has made quite a lot of money out of.

Kewl .... now they just gotta merge with ... so I can say hi to Piff and Rider Rooter


um, no, keep those crazy rider fanatics out of here please.

I mean, we have all the sane (for the most part) Riders fans already, why bring in those lunatics? I seen what they write, and it's not impressive.

we have enough Rider fans.

Nice comment. You've seen what they write and it's not impressive? Pot, meet Kettle.....

you know what I mean, jm02, you have seen what those idiots post on there right?

I've also seen what you post on here. I don't think you're in a position to judge.

ok, backing down. (so much for the polls)