...looking through t.s.n's...top fifty....don't agree that all of the great ones are there....BUT...what a team i could field with the talent in that group....CFL SHOULD BE VERY PROUD...present, past and future.... :thup: :rockin:

the list is missing number 51-
RICKY WILLIAMS - lol, what a bust that guy was in 2006.

A bust?

Nope. If you watched the Argo games you would have seen how well he played.

He had a good year as short as it was.

ricky williams as a bust, he talked more about yoga, than how he would attack the cover 2 defense, and discuss his transformation into a pass-catching RB.

Ricky Williams never got a fair chance to showcase his talents in this league. He was a great personality and a great team guy. In my opinion, that's hardly a bust.

if the argos had a legit offensive coordinator who actually knew how to develop running game , ricky williams would have easily had 1500 yards rushing. How does Kent austin get hired to become an offensive coordinator when he has like only 5 running plays in his playbook. what a joke. Id rather have a pop warner coach as an offensive coordinator at least they know how to run the wing t and wingback option offense.