WOW! what a solid instant replay system for win vs. mon

The rules say that a coach cannot challenge the ruling on the field with less than 3 minutes left in the half.

But... the very poor refereeing in the CFL allows this to happen. Not once but TWICE, both winnipeg and montreal, before the end of the half. Those replays were NOT initiated by the replay booth, both were challenges from the coaches.

sarcasm That is just some absolutely solid consistency from the refs. I'm impressed.

Secondly, not only does montreal challenge the ruling on the field when they aren't allowed, but they get denied an OBVIOUS TOUCHDOWN!

Are other people now beginning to understand that there are some serious consistency problems with the reffing/ instant replay systems this year? I've always been a supporter of the idea of instant replay in the CFL. And I know people are using the excuse "they have to work out the kinks in the system". Well, it isn't all that hard to follow the rule of not allowing challenges 3 minutes before the half! Or are the referees absolutely that brain-dead?

I know I made a poll like this earlier, but I guess this is part 2.

Actually the rule states that he cannot challenge with 3 minutes left in overtime!

So they are allowed during the 3 minute warning in regulation.

I have only seen them miss 1 replay call all season [tonight].

.....three minutes in the second half OR in overtime......first half is free game.....

I also believe I heard before you can't do it 3 minutes before the end of ANY half and in overtime.

Beside, the second challenge was totally messed up. How obvious must it be that this was a TD to Watkins.

Had the Als not gotten the TD back a few seconds later, I would have been really pissed.

My bad. Here's the rules, end of 2nd half or overtime, not the first. But still the instant replay hasn't been working all that well this year IMO.

"In the last 3 minutes of the second half, and in overtime, all Instant Replay Reviews will be initiated by the Replay Official in the League Supervisor’s booth."

Ref, yes, IR no

Ref needs more training, but that was a great call and play on the onside punt.

They had 2 replays so far tonight , the first was right [MONTREAL's punt recovery] , the second was wrong [it was a T.D. catch]

Tonight is the first time since seeing ALL CFL games that they got 1 call wrong on replay.

Yes, the reffing has been inconsistent in just about every game I have watched.
It almost makes you wonder that if you are half blind, then you can be the head referee or in charge of the video replay system. (Most of them prolly dont know the clock on the vcr is flashing "12:00")

SO , should we now get rid of instant replay?

Since this thread was about instant replay , again I have only seen 1 blown call from instant replay all season[Tonight , 1 wrong call , and they got the other 1 right]

Have you seem many more blown replay calls , and when? THANKS!

Well , we had a 3rd REPLAY and the refs got it right , again. :thup:

Sorry , the ball did go off MONTREAL's foot , but since it wasn't kicked out of bounds on purpose , it is MONTREAL's , ball.

MONTREAL , will go to 4 and 0 , but it will be a hollow victory. :thdn:

So , out of 3 REPLAYS the refs were 2 for 3 :thup: And unless some one can give me other examples of blown calls on RE-PLAYS , 1 wrong call for the whole season is quite amazing! :thup:

That last instant replay was hideous!

What the hell is the ref looking at? The Winnipeg guy obviously had the ball. :?

Now they are 2 for 4 tonight :roll: :thdn:

Worst reffing for a cfl game in ten years. :roll: :thdn:

Another replay call screwed up. Hebert did have his hands on the ball before the montreal receiver did IMO. And the commentators agree with this. As well, Don Matthews challenged the call with 2:59 remaining in the 2nd half. Guess my point was actually proven after all! What a joke of a system.

There have been a countless # of "can you challenge this incopmletion or not" instant replays that were sometimes allowed to be challenged sometimes not. Main examples were, calgary vs. hamilton the first time they met, edm vs. win, and edm vs. calgary during their 2nd meeting this year. Inconsistency!

don't blame the whole system , because besides tonight , it has been perfect. :thup:

This REFFING CREW for tonight's game really sucked. :roll: :thdn:

WE ALL SHOULD WRITE THE CFL HEAD OFFICE because complaining here , does nothing!

Complaining to the CFL head office won't do anything either. They don't have the funds to properly train the refs. They probably spent it all on the instant replays system, which is also know being misused. I thought an instant replay system would be great for the CFL, but it's turning out to be less than a success for the league IMO.

Instead of sending used glasses to 3rd world countries, send a box to the CFL head office.

the whole refereeing dept. was disgusting tonight. fire them all now and scrap the replay

the league will look at the last Challenge again, and hopefully dismiss the refs who made the calls, and training the refs better coming next season, but they will not over turn the game, they didn't for Calgary, they will not do it now.

Refs in the CFL is something you have to live with. However this game was a little unusual.