With numbers like this, unbelievably to some who are doubters and not like us true believers, the TV ratings after six weeks are nearly up to a whopping 400,000. RDS is up in Quebec, the scoring and excitement is off the charts and the attendance is virtually even, down a few hundred.
Just like the article in the Moncton paper, now id definitely the time to stoke, shall I say some expansion waters for two new teams, Ottawa and Atlantic Canada or Quebec City.
Here is the actual article.

“Things are looking up”

The CFL’s media relations department sent out a release this week detailing the first six weeks of the regular-season, consisting of 24 games.

Ratings are up 19 per cent on TSN and seven per cent on RDS. The national average audience on TSN is 394,000, compared to 331,000 last season, on TSN and CBC. Viewership on RDS is 225,000, compared to 210,000 a year ago.

There’s also a 19.2-per-cent increase in offensive touchdowns, with 124 having been scored. The average combined total score of games is 53.9 points, while penalties have decreased 21.6 per cent, to 425 from 542.

“The ratings reflect the product on the field,” CFL commissioner Mark Cohon said in a statement. “And we’re off to an exciting start, with more scoring, fewer penalties and plenty of close and exciting games.”

Coincidentally, attendance throughout the league is slightly down. The average attendance is 28,125 compared to 28,518 last year. The Nov. 23 Grey Cup, being played at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, is more than 60 per cent sold out, according to the league.

Great news!

And I do believe the ratings reflect the product on the field.

I'm enjoying each and every CFL game a great deal this year...exciting, right down to the wire.

Definitely great news! And I'm sure the attendance numbers will pick up. We're only 7 weeks in.

Calgary's attendance has been better than last year, and obviously so has Saskatchewan's ... Toronto and BC seem about level, but Edmonton and Winnipeg are down a bit (hurts Edmonton that they haven't hosted the Riders yet) while Hamilton is down pretty significantly. So I'm not too concerned about the overall attendance being down ... the two teams with the worst records are also the two with the most noticeable drops in attendance. And I'm sure attendance will pick up in the fall, like usual.

Attendance here in BC has been a bit better than last year, mind you, the Dome is always a hard sell during these hot summer months.

I think when the numbers are in at the end of the year we will have done quite a bit better than last year.

A lot has to do with the hype TSN is giving the CFL. Now that a "Sports" network has exclusive coverage we are seeing a better product presented to "us" viewers.

Also the product on the field also helps.

You are right sporty, but I still can't understand the reasoning for not showing the playoffs and GC on the much bigger mother network, CTV?

The CFL is headed in the right direction. New stadiums, expansion, better product, etc.

The NFL has no chance of succeeding if Canadians don't care for it, and right now the CFL is hott.

I also don't understand this, and it bothers me ... It's great for all the big CFL fans that the Grey Cup is on TSN, but what about the casual fans who watch the Grey Cup because it's a huge, Canadian party? I'm pretty sure not every house with a TV gets TSN.

Yes and simulcast on both TSN and CTV would be even better.
Just like the "good old days" when it was on CBC and CTV.