Wow! TV 1.026M for Argos-Sask

I just came across this unbelievable number and for an afternoon game, not in prime time.
Mike Hogan from TSN Radio says how 1,026,000 watched the Argo game in Regina.
As soon as we get the other game numbers, I will post or can someone else provide.

Where are these kooks now, like Simmons, Dowbiggen and Brunt who are always putting the league down and especially the lies about the dwindling TV numbers.

Nice! :thup:

ArgoT, come on, you have to give the writers some slack, it has to hurt some big shots egos that a CFL game can outdraw some "major" league games involving Toronto based teams like the Raptors and Blue Jays. Gotta hurt there a bit in the big smoke. :wink:

Mind you, this game might have had a fair number of people from Toronto and area watching which really complicates the thinking process of some writers. 8)

That is awesome to hear! That means that there were quite a few Ti Cat fans watching the game as well as EDM fans. This is what party brings to the league a lot of interest in late season games.

:thup: The CFL is really picking up momentum as a league. 10 years ago people would have laughed if you said that this is where the CFL would be in 2012.

when entering the new TV negotiations the CFL will have a massive amount of leverage and TSN will be shelling out much more than anyone will have expectd for exclusive rights to the CFL.

I could be wrong,but I expect the CFL and TSN to reach a new TV deal before the end of 2012; while there is still 1 more year to go on the current deal,I nevertheless expect the new deal to be signed in 2012,most probably in early december.

How much will this deal be worth? While some have forecasted numbers as high as $50. millions,yearly, I think that it is too high; personnally, I expect the yearly $$$ value,starting in 2014, to range between $36 and $38 millions. Extremely good if higher.


Also interesting the World Series this year drew all time low ratings. This line from an article on it is interesting though and worth noting as it relates to the television world in general with the key word competitive:

Record low number of TV viewers tuned in for World Series

It's important for us to remain focused on the Series relative to today's competitive environment rather than bygone years."

[url=] ... z2An65wzRq[/url]

Stephen Brunt is always putting the league down? :roll:

The same Stephen Brunt that wrote this book?

So the author of a book commemorating 100 years of the Grey Cup is "always putting the league down"?

How would he know ?

The official BBM ratings are not out until Friday. A million viewers has only happened for playoff games.

This was the week before when traditionally the Als and the Riders have the highest ratings on a Sunday. TSN and RDS.

[url=] ... 152012.pdf[/url] [url=] ... 152012.pdf[/url]

I agree the TV audience has more then doubled since TSn took over so the numbers should line up with those numbers. Peaking in 2010 with 800k per game average and now leveling off at somewhere between 700 and 800k and looking for those ratings to reach higher levels than 800k for the future with a 9th team in Ottawa and an interest in the new venues. TThe 8 teams currently are getting 1.8 million in tv revenue a 9th team will bring a higher overall numbers. The CFL should be shooting for and getting at the very least 3.5 to 4 million per the 9 teams.

He works for TSN and the overnight numbers are available to the service provider the next morning.
Although not official, in the vast majority of Neilsen ratings these figures are virtually 99% correct.

and NFL ratings are up 56 % on TSN, so it's great news. Tells me that Canadians love their football, NFL and CFL

[url=] ... 22943.html[/url]

nice try Mike.

That antiquated article is from 2002.
And it only states that the ratings for first two games of the 2002 NFL season on TSN is 53% higher than the first two games of the 2001 season.

fact is, regular season CFL games on TSN tab higher viewers than NFL season games on TSN.

Im am surprised to see any Argos game go over 1m viewers :stuck_out_tongue:

You and me both jman. :o

All I know after a bit and a slight dip in numbers last year, the increase is on again for this year.
This has to bode well for the soon to be negotiated new TV contract.
I keep saying and hopefully so despite some saying otherwise how the negotiations should start at $50M per year.

It's all those Toronto fans tuning in to see the Argos on the road. :smiley:

And seriously, even though my Riders lost, it was a great game too. Right to the end.

Some other teams had a big stake in the outcome of this game namely Hamilton and edmonton so quite a few fans tuned in to see it and that is a good thing for the CFL

And it was too good to be true, the game didn't hit the top 30 for the week, and below 1 million.
You should provide a link when you post these things.

Official BBM/Nielsen ratings for the week.

[url=] ... 222012.pdf[/url]

(the games wan not on RDS)

That number can still be true and it not make the top 30, as the 30th show registered 1,086,000 and the number on this was 1,026,000 which is less

Do hit him with facts. Yes its true, Hogen was talking about the number on his radio show as well