Wow..Tigercats season is finished before it begins!!

This is crazy.. Maybe I need to eat more crow always going off about how players need more practice time to reduce penalty calls..

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I only post in the CFL main forum and the off topic forum, so this has already been posted in the Ticat forum… I guess it is a bit of a double post, but losing two national starters (out of only 63 in the entire league) is a major story warrenting it to be on the main forum.

I tend to think that calling a season over is a bit ridiculous after loosing 1 player who has not seen a down (no matter how promising he looks) and another player who, a WR, who has never had a 500 yard season and never played for the club (I do agree he is a better player than his stats show).

But then again it is a Bungle thread.

To be fair to Bungle the headline was "Tiger Cat's season is finished before it begins" meaning the two Tiger Cat players season is over before it begins - not "The Tiger Cats (team) season is over"
When you lose two National players of their calibre that has to be a serious concern. I have said it before that there a some good Canadians out there but not enough quality to fill 9 rosters.

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The problem at times is finding Canadians that want to continue to play after their university/college season is finished. A certain percentage and some of these are excellent players, choose to get going with their regular careers. A guy who used to play for McMaster and had a tryout with the Riders and was working at an appliance store basically mentioned to me that's an issue, an injury in training camp and where it looks like it might be a tough go to make a team as a starter, a good Canadian will say bye and start a regular career because the money just isn't worth it in the CFL, for these types of Canadians. Again, a certain amount. In the NFL with so much money, a guy will more likely stay on the practice roster in the hopes of someday making the team because of the money.

That being said, that is one thing good about the CFL, the money isn't huge so it does make guys think faster about their regular careers and that is a very good thing for them in their life development IMHO. Too many guys with NFL dreams don't think about this enough early on and then when the NFL dream dies, they haven't prepared for a life after footballl.

Typical Bungle :roll: I wouldn't write off the Cats just yet, the team has probably the best Canadian depth on their roster in the entire league. While losing Gaydosh is a bad break and unfortunate, the team is knee deep in Cdn D-Line tackles with Ted Laurent,Brian Bulcke, Mike Atkinson and Hazan Hazime still available along with DE Arnaud Gascon Nadon and could soon add 2014 draft pick Evan Gill to the mix. The team is so deep that 2014 draft pick Mathieu Girard has been switched over to the O-Line from the D-Line for this season. Losing Watts is a more severe blow than losing Gaydosh but the team still has FA acquisition Anthony Woodson who can play both runningback and slotback. The Cats were forced to start 3 imports on the O-Line last season but with Cdn Peter Dyakowski healthy this season, and the depth of the import receiving corp the team can afford to play 3 Cdn starters on the line this season and go with Fantuz as the lone starting Cdn receiver. Look for the team to also use their 1rst round pick in this years draft to select either WR Nic Demski or LeMar Durant. The team also has 2 outstanding starting canucks in the secondary in Courtney Stephen and Craig Butler along with Fred Plesius backing up at mlb.
So as you can see Bungle while the losses of Gaydosh and Watt are unfortunate,your premature prediction of the season being over the Cats is just a wee bit exaggerated..........Despite these two injuries, I think it's safe to say that the Cat's season is far from being finished. :rockin: :cowboy:

Yeah, I mean it’s clear teams with before season and start of season injuries never make it to the Grey Cup. I mean, the Ti-Cats certainly didn’t make it to the cup last season after starting slow due to losing Andy Fantuz, half of it’s offensive line, CJ Gable and Zach Collaros (the starting quarterback) due to injuries either before or early in the season. That would be crazy talk. I mean losing a single national receiver and a national line in a position where the team has ample depth certainly is the death knell of any team.

Couldn't believe it, when I read two players with Achilles. Crazy.

you almost wonder if it has something to do with the turf at McMaster...

LeFevour's ACL on a nothing play, and now Gaydosh and Watt blow their achilles?

And seriously Bungle? I'm assuming you meant Tiger-Cats as in specifically Gaydosh and Watt, and not Tiger-Cats as in the team as a whole. I'll admit i didn't bother reading your post because well, i seldom do.

McMaster? they blew their achilles in off season training not at McMaster.

The OTA's are held... At McMaster....

You're both right. The OTA's are held at McMaster. Yet the injuries didn't occur at OTA's. Gaydosh & Watt injured themselves at their respective off-season residences/facilities. In short, their injuries did not occur at Mac.

That being said, there was some issues with the new field turf @ RJS a few years ago as new pebbles had been added and had not settled properly. It was the Marauders who sustained more than normal knee injuries early in that year. Yet I do believe these issues were quickly resolved and are in the past.

I like Watt, but really, he is nothing better than a reliable 3rd or 4th receiver. If the ticat season is woefully impacted by the loss of Watt, then their season was already over before. I do not believe this to be the case.

Earl I thought your post was insightful. I have known of really good university players deciding not to try out for the CFL. I believe the musings about the propensity of physical and mental trauma in football is a factor in these decisions. Many years ago I recall a McGill Redman player refused playing in the CFL because of potential injury to his hands. His subject was dental education and, healthy hands were his ticket to financial success.

Gaydosh hardly played a down for the Ticats. Lost is null. Only impact may be that they may not have as much flexibility in trading one of their DT. Which they probably would have liked to do for a pick in the coming draft.

Watt will need to be replaced. Won't be easy since the only team with a surplus of Canadian receiver is Edmonton :wink:

Yet, you look at Calgary's roster they only have 2 Canadian receivers and both back ups. They seem to have an over abundance of National "O" linemen.

Yep...this has been Calgary key to success IMO. So important to have Canadian depth on OL. Tis generally the foundation for long runs of success by franchises

I'd hardly call the Cats' season over. It's a serious blow to their ratio, yes, but not insurmountable. I'm sure Austin is thinking about ways to offset the injuries.

That is a good point and some smart kids. Whether CIS or NCAA you see cases where top guys go back to finish there degree or a certification program. Waiting an extra year even though they are ready now.
I am sure a lot of those redshirt Juniors. Go back to take advantage of that extra year. Some may have to have a few more classes to finish a degree or take classes towards a second major or grad school.
Covington declared early but he will be graduating with his degree in a few weeks.

I assumed that both Gaydosh and Watt were pegged to be starters. Was I wrong?
Achiles injuries are career ending in football btw.. Both of these guys will never be heard from again.
Teamu Selanie recouvered from one, but hockey does not dispose of people like football does.