WOW they Blew That one!!!

It clearly showed that There was no fumble!

ground cannot make a fumble!!!

As I said before, CFL videp review sucks.

Maybe this is why..... whats really under that CFL review tarp

The ground cant make you fumble doesnt make sense if you think about it. If your running by yourself fall down and the ball comes out what is it?

There is no such rule as "the ground cannot make a fumble" in the CFL.

"Note: The old myth that the ground cannot cause a fumble is not completely true.

  1. If a ball carrier goes to the ground without contact, the ground can cause a fumble"

And by the way, I didn't see the game so I have no idea what I'm actually talking about =D

That was not applicable in this case . He was being tackled after he had clear possession and it was a question of whether or not the ball came loose before or after he was down by contact.

Yah he blew one. Not biased he screwed up.

I'm totally shocked that Ireland of all people blew it.

Missed call or not, there is still no such rule as "the ground cannot cause a fumble." He is either down by contact or not.

Jake “the Snake” Ireland never makes mistakes…

If a player has been contacted, there are zero rule interpretations where the ground can cause a fumble.
If a player is contacted, and goes down, if the ball comes loose upon impact, there is no fumble.
And that is exactly what happened this evening.
And Jake blew another one.

Even without contact, it is a judgement call by the ref whether or not it is a fumble, if the ground caused said "fumble". A ref can always rule a play dead based on forward progress being halted.
If we are dealing with possession, ie., receptions, the ground can cause a call of incomplete.

I wish I knew what Jake Ireland saw in that review that no one else did. It is fortunate that his blown call didn’t determine the outcome of the game. It was unacceptable in this game but can you imagine if he blew that call in a playoff, or even worse, the GC. Yikes!

I think there should be an independent official that does the video review. Get it out of the hands of the head ref so that there is no issues with conflict of interest (and having to admit that you screwed up the first time).

Still, I think that overall, video review has done much more good than harm.

Word @ Bigglesworth, while not perfect, I really appreciate the video review, and the challenges. There have been some blatant blown calls, but many bad ones have been redeemed by the service. Remember when there was no video review (not gonna lie, I barely do maybe saw 1 or 2 seasons before it was implemented) It is better now. Anyways, BC, wow. Good game, but those EE's held it down!!! Good football!

Besides the fumble, I thought the officials did a good job tonight.

Personally, I like Ireland.

I say video replay has heen a big waste of money and game time. The refs still blow calls and most calls don't get overturned anyway. Get rid of it, Go back to relying on the refs to make the calls and there wouldn't be much change, still would have some blown calls but the league would save money and no more time being wasted during the game on challenges.

Disagree , just make the review by someone independent . I cringe whenever Jake Ireland goes under the hood for us.