WOW thats cool!

The new Depth CHart (for tonights game)

along with being full of surprises personel-wise (see MLB, DHB, FS and FB)

there is also a AMAZING new addition that allows you to sweep your cursor over the players name on the depth chart and a little box with his info comes up.

I think this is an AMAZING improvement (mainly because it gives me something to do)

good job ticats. the new site isn't grinding my gears as much as it used to.

I also saw that there was a link to a special teams depth chart, but there was nothing in it. Does this mean we'll have a special teams depth chart at some point in the future?

Anyway, I do like the way that information comes up when leaving the mouse pointer over a player's name. That with a link to the information on the player, which now contains caraeer stats, certainly is good to have. And I do hope those statistics will be kept updated.

I have some quick questions for anyone regarding the depth chart for tonight's game.


  1. Why are D.J. Flick and Julian Radlein not on it? I'm assuming it's because they aren't playing, but what for what reasons? (Injuries? Rest? Sitting out because they want to see what other guys can do?)

  2. Isn't George Hudson an All-star center? I thought that's why we got him. Obviously he is a good guard too, but Hage is a better center?


  1. Wayne Shaw is still playing safety? I thought we tried that for the last three years and found out he is a much better CB? Also, apparently Shaw and Beveridge are better then Gordon? He must be having a terrible camp because I remember him starting the majority of the season for the Riders last year and laying some guys out like Hitch used too.

  2. Armour has got to do something about that number. #32 just doesn't cut it for me a LB.....maybe it's because of Troy. Anyways, aside from that, is Mariuz earning the spot with the number one team or is he getting it because he is Marshall's boy?

  3. More of a statement but I knew Martin would compete for a starting spot! Always liked him.

I do not think that Hage is a better center than Hudson, I think its more that Hudson is a much better guard than Hage at this stage of his career, and that alignment will make the Cats line stronger.

Julian Radelin did not play in the Black and Gold game either.
He must be nursing an injury, or they really want to evaluate his back-up candidates.
I would think DJ showed he is ready for the season after his great display at the BG game.
There is a lot of receiver evaluation to be done, and I think it is pretty safe that DJ has a spot.

all these roster moves make no difference, once ricky williams will rush for 150 yards.

True, but Ricky's 150 yards will make no difference when the Argos lose.

This is a passing league and you can have a guy rush for 150 yards and unlike the NFL, lose the game.

I'm not saying it's not gonna be an advantage though.

I hope Gardener Has a Great Game..

Ralph also isn't on the roster for tonight's game.

Is keeping him and Flick out tonight a good move? I'd like to see them get their timing down with Maas, but I guess the coaching staff will do that in the pre-season game in Hamilton. Tonight's game is designed to weed out other receivers who potentially might show nothing in a game (ex. Gardner, Fowlkes, Fleming, Cavil, Quinnie, Peterson, Morreale)

Also according to the depth chart, Brooks is starting ahead of Barrenechea at MLB. Are the Cats thinking of starting Brooks there during the regular season too? Tonight's performance might determine that, I guess.

Not sure on Flick, but Julian is still rehabbing his knee injury from last season. He passed his physical, but hasn't practiced every day at training camp. Some days he is practicing.. some days he isn't. His knee looked good on the first day of training camp, he was doing agility drills and looked very solid.. but I think they want to make sure the knee is completely solid before putting him into a game.

Another reason might be so that it's not so staggered in terms of talent. Balancing out and all that. I must admit, Im not really surprised at the brooks placement, the coach's must think he's better than auggie... having said that I do believe that Auggie is a good guy to have on the field, and I am disappointed we aren't trying him on the outside.

Great point and thanks blackandgold. That makes perfect sense…might as well make the line as strong as possible even if it means making one position a little weaker.

Also thanks for the info caiteag. I forgot about that injury he suffered and I didn’t think he would still be rehabbing…but as long as he is taking the neccessary precautions to ensure the best possible return then that’s fine by me.

One more thing, I forgot about Brock Ralph! I knew there was one more regular missing…any news on him?

Dieter retired.

Or did you NOT mean Ralph Brock? lol

Cool for sure, love that with the depth chart, very nice.

AMG, you and lots of others say the CFL is a "passing league". I'm not arguing with you but you can pass here for 400-500 yards a game and still lose just like in the NFL you can have 100 game rushers and still lose lots.
Football, whether you call a league a passing league like the CFL or a running league like the NFL (misnomers all the way IMO), is really more of a turnovers sport, often the team that turns the ball over with unforced errors at inoportune times loses games, 3 or 4 downs along with special teams.

agreed, hes solid.

Goof, Ur Whole Franchise Is A Mistake, U Goof.

By your logic, that must mean that Gardner and Peterson are better than Flick. Just because someone is higher in the depth chart in the FIRST PRESEASON game, doesnt mean the 'coaches must think he's better than auggie'....

Blitz, love that sig of yours!! Very nice!!

generally the starters do play the first quarter tho.... (except in the case of someone sitting. you'll notice Flick and Ralph aren't even on the chart)

i'm starting to wonder where the MLB spot will land.

Maybe they want to see how Brooks fairs in a game in comparison to just practice.