Wow! That's all I can say.

It's close to half a day now since this report first surfaced and I'm very surprised to see it hasn't previously been brought up in this forum.

It's Old News.

(Didn't want to start a new thread, and not being sure where to put this post, I decided on here because, in my mind, there's a tie-in.)

Does this say anything, to anybody else? i.e. - Disorganized organizational chart? Glorified, unreal job titles? Decided upon management changes are coming?

Sorry I don't know how to provide, here, a direct link to a video on this site, but I'm referring to Coach Jones' response to a question, about his future with the club, posed to him @ the 2:09 mark of the video, available on the main page, titled "Media Availability: June Jones (Oct. 24th)." He talks about a meeting, between him and a named another person, to be held on the subject. Shouldn't the other person be the General Manager? Or, if for some reason not, the guy whose only duties now, by title, are as VP Football Operations? :-\

Yes, ottawacat, that's an interesting point--you would indeed expect that the discussion of the head coach's contract would be with the GM or VP, not with the team president.

Whether that means the management structure is top heavy, or something else, is for Bob Young to say, I guess.

Maybe it will be only one of several conversations.

Wouldn’t Mitchell be neglecting his duties if he never spoke to anyone in the organization other than Austin and Young? (And the marketing staff or whatever)

Anyone who has worked in an organization knows you don’t refuse to talk to your boss’s boss. And you can expect people to communicate with others outside the strict confines of the org chart. It does not mean that the whole structure has gone to hell.

Grover: Good observation.

Looks like the only previous connection between June Junes and the Tiger-Cats was with Jeff Reinebold, who worked with Jones at the University of Hawaii.
Nothing that I have seen connects Austin and Jones previously.

The Tiger-Cat news release says only that "Austin has appointed/named June Jones as HC etc".
No word on Austin being involved with the hiring part though.

In the Toronto Sun, Austin was quoted as saying “This was my decision, to divvy up the responsibilities and to move the team forward in a very positive direction?. That sounds like organizational protocol to me.

"I do know that in one of June Jones first pressers as HC, he said that it was solely Tillman and Mitchell that were instrumental in bringing him in . No mention of Kent Austin.


Of course, now I find this, from August 2nd when June Jones was first brought here

June Jones here to help Ticats, not take Austin’s job
Posted on August 2, 2017 by Drew Edwards // 46 Comments

Let’s get this out of the way first: June Jones is not coming in to take Kent Austin’s job.
With a long and impressive resume that includes head coaching stints in both U.S. college and the NFL, June Jones was named assistant head coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Wednesday. It was, however, Austin’s idea to bring in the 61-year-old Jones, who was on the Toronto Argonauts’ roster as a quarterback in 1982 and was the offensive co-ordinator of the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1986.
Discussions with general manager Eric Tillman – who has a long-standing relationship with Jones – in the wake of the team’s 60-1 loss to the Calgary Stampeders last Saturday led Austin to bring the idea of adding Jones to team owner Bob Young and CEO Scott Mitchell.
“Absolutely at the end of the day it was my decision. I was completely for it and I think it will be really good for the organization. His resume speaks for itself,? Austin said. “He’s really going to be a great fit in getting to know him throughout the week. He’s going to be a great fit culturally and I think the players are going to respond to him.


In light of subsequent events, does the first sentence of that article not render the rest of it meaningless? Why would we believe anything else the team said after the most basic of facts was misstated?

Let’s get this out of the way first: June Jones is not coming in to take Kent Austin’s job.
Also, I wonder if June Jones is the answer to a trivia question: who is the last remaining former Ottawa Rough Riders coach still actively coaching in the CFL?
Jones, who was on the Toronto Argonauts’ roster as a quarterback in 1982 and was the offensive co-ordinator of the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1986.

That was when we were 0-5,
Austin stepped aside and made June Jones Head Coach after we became 0-8 under Austin.
Our 8th loss was at home vrs Redblacks, losing 37-18
Some fans were wearing bags over their heads! :-[
That was also Collaros' last start.
Austin had to step aside, He really had no other choice!

An interesting re-read with a few quotes that stand out, now, like the article's title does:
"Kent's done a tremendous job."
"Zach's going to love it."

ExPat: I think you're right on Jones being the last remaining former Ottawa Rough Rider coach still active in the CFL. Interesting trivia, too, that he comes back to the league in this first full season with no former Ottawa Rough Rider player still playing. ???

I believe that Kyrese Hebert is the sole remaining Rough Riders player...

Actually Hebert was an Ottawa RENEGADE and not a Roughrider....

That dude is still older than dirt, just not geriatric yet.

I assume McCallum was the last holdout, and he played a bit in 2016.

TiCats Orlondo Steinauer and Lee Knight were on that last 1996 Rough Rider team

You got it, ExPat.
When Paul's pro career began in 1993, an injury to another kicker got him 3 games with the Rough Riders in Ottawa. Earlier, in the spring of that year, he'd signed his first pro contract, with the TiCats, but never got to play here. His 24-season CFL career came to an end, at least for now::),after playing 1 game last season with BC.

And, Grover:
Jeff Cummins and Chris Burns, also players on the last Ottawa Rough Rider team, both continued their CFL careers with the TiCats.