WOW....that was entertaining Congrats Bombers

...A game where each team had a lot of chances to win it ended the right way for a change..Jyles has to be given a huge amount of credit ... Took a benching and showed everyone what he's made of....Brink got his shot and better stay on the sidelines till he feels more comfortable with the CFL game...Winning this one keeps this team in the hunt....Great game Bombers....scared the hell out of me for awhile but came through in the end :thup: :rockin:

WOW, is about all I can say. Oh yea, my two sons said it was the best football game they've ever seen !

I've been watching this game since '64 and never EVER have I seen a team do a kick off at the opponent's 35 yard line. Un-BULL-eev- ah- BULL! ...if you get what I'm

Gag me with a spoon. The bombers should have tried a short kick off instead of kicking it into the end zone for a single. That way they might have maintained possession of the ball with excellent field position. The very worst that would have happened is the Lions getting the ball somewhere around their own 25 which would be like receiving a deep kick off with little return.

LOL...I think what the Bombers did worked out just fine.... :wink:

A short kick off is not allowed under overtime rules, Sorry. Was an exciting finish for sure! I guess Bombers are favorites now to win Grey Cup in Edmonton, that didn't happen in overtime,, there are no kickoffs in overtime, smart-guy.

I was thinking that at the time too, but after thinking about it I kinda like what they did better. For one, they were kind of trying to get it bouncing around and hope to get lucky and recover it in the end zone, with the worst case scenario being giving up a bit of field position to cut the lead to 10. The single point ended up being huge.

.......I like to look at different aspects of a game.....the play of Watson...this canuck kid who had a great training camp did not go unnoticed....He made some clutch catches and like a lot of fans have been saying....get this guy in the line-up....he'll make us forget about Franklyn ,who was dealt to cal., in the not too distant future :wink: :thup: Bernard needs to get in these last games as well... :rockin:

And here I was going to give you guys he'll for NOT playing Jyles with a long shot still at a cross over against the team you need to beat outright in order to cross over. I can't believe Jyles wasn't playing from the start. Very lucky that Jyles was able to turn it around in time. So who are you starting next week? I suggest Jyles.....

It was an exciting game and a lot of guys really through in the clutch. Those two FGs by Palardy to tie the game in the 4th quarter and the 1st overtime were huge. Tremendous runback by JJ to set up that 4th quarter FG. Jyles came up huge. And for possibly the first time all season we got some breaks (ie some Lions players forgetting their brains on the sidelines and taking some really stupid penalties). Now we just got to keep Hef from taking stupid penalties (although I think a couple of those were borderline calls). Looks like he got the message from Reed and he did cover well (not too many balls thrown in his direction IIRC).

Hasn't been a finish like that one in quite some time. Still more bad than good though. But I guess this was the first time the team actually over came their mistakes and won.

Joey Elliot

and then bringing back Adam DiMichele for Week 17.

I never could understand benching Jyles, and although I was happy to get a look at Brink once the decision was made, I thought it was a stupid decision.. the bright side is now the right guy will start from now on

The right guy needed to learn something, and it appears the benching taught it to him. Hopefully the little lesson continues to pay off...

“It changed my whole view of being a professional quarterback,? Jyles told the Sun in a one-on-one interview, Wednesday. “It opened my eyes, that maybe you have to press a little harder.?

“You’re only as explosive as your quarterback,? Jyles explained. “And I’ve changed my mindset as far as how I’m going to attack. At first I was about being in control of the clock and throw completions. I truly want to be more aggressive and push the ball down field. That way, all the underneath stuff opens up.?

Jyles had it in his head that if he just moved the chains and didn’t turn the ball over, everything would be OK.

“But that’s why we were 3-10,? he said. “Because when it came time for us to make big plays, we didn’t make ’em.

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LOL, you guys. Jyles is just being a good team guy and not throwing his head coach under the bus for one of the most idiotic coaching moves of the year. If y'all want to find a way to justify LaPo benching a first-year starting QB who had (and still has) the second-highest QB rating and TD-to-INT ratio in the CFL, be my guest. To me, it was absolutely bone-headed move, and no amount of spin or post hoc reasoning will change that.

You're wrong D&P...

Did you and everyone else that's dumping on the coach for this forget that Jyles started and finished the entire game the previous week? His play in that game was lacking. Jyles did NOT demonstrate the leadership he did in Thanksgiving's game previously.

Something HAD to be done. Somehow this team needed a big shakeup.

Starting Brink was NOT an idiotic idea, as you say. Did he get left in too long? Maybe, Maybe not, but the end result was a win. Jyles FINALLY threw caution to the wind and let the playmakers make plays...

Your defense gave up 40+ points in that loss and you're blaming Jyles? Okay. Sure. It was all his fault. Tell me how his play was lacking? Was it when he torched my Als' secondary in the first half for something like 24 points? Or possibly was it when he threw into double coverage in the end zone for a completely unnecessary pick? Oh wait, it was Terence Edwards throwing the ball on another genius trick play from LaPolice. Was Jyles at fault because the Richardson fumble was ruled an incompletion? Was he to blame when, on a 3rd and 4 gamble, Jovon Johnson was beaten cleanly by our fifth receiver (Bratton) for the game-winning TD?

Jyles wasn't perfect in that game, but he was not the reason you lost.

Something HAD to be done. Somehow this team needed a big shakeup.
Something definitely needed to be done. But it wasn't sitting Jyles. LaPolice needs to learn how to get out of the way of his own team and stop overcoaching them into failure. Remember the fullback trap on a third-down gamble that had Reid out of the play? Time and again, LaPo has been the difference between winning and losing in close Bomber losses this season.
Starting Brink was NOT an idiotic idea, as you say. Did he get left in too long? Maybe, Maybe not, but the end result was a win. Jyles FINALLY threw caution to the wind and let the playmakers make plays...
Post hoc reasoning. We're sitting here talking about a win not because of LaPo's genius, but because the Lions collapsed and everything that could go right for Winnipeg, did go right. If Mitchell doesn't go age-doo-doo in OT and punch a Bomber in the groin, Winnipeg doesn't win the game.

Oh dear, D&P... You're skipping a week. I was referring to the game last week, against the very same Leos, which Jyles started and finished, and was indeed lacking. Not once did I blame Jyles for the loss to the Als, so let's not put words in my mouth. Jyles, if anything, has been too careful, which would account for both his sparkling rating, as sooo many people have pointed to recently, AND his win-loss record.

Of course I remember the fullback dive. I'm certainly not going to agree with every single call a coach makes. I will say though, that probably no-one was expecting that call, which is a breath of fresh air around here when compared to calling the Jet formation every 3rd play...I'm for one am happy for the creativity on offence we are seeing

You can't say Winnipeg doesn't win if Mitchell doesn't lose his head. Pure speculation. There's no way to tell what would have happened.

I never claimed Lapo was a genius, just that he did what had to be done. Even Jyles agrees it was good for him.