WOW! That didn't take long.

Walker, Delahunt and Hage removed from the Homepage Roster faster than Walker could run 110 yards.

No respect at all in the Ticat nation for Mr Hage ?

What does you mean Cats99?

takes them half a season to post the cheerleaders profiles but delete a guy like Hage in 2 minutes flat? :roll:

:roll: :thdn:

Each team in the CFL had to lose 3 quality players, and it sucks that we lost 3 Great guys !! they could only protect certain guys, it very well could have been Dyakowski if he didn't get hurt.

So listen to what Coach has to say !

End of discussion !

lol not sure if you guys were being serious or not? I take from that,

"Crap we lost Marwan, I guess we have to remove him and the other two from the roster".

While for the cheerleaders, "Crap we forgot to put the cheerleader profiles up? Well meh, no one will really notice we didn't do it until half way through the season."

The second one is much more disrespectful if anything.

I'm so confused by the hate the organization is getting for the Hage selection.

NICE STOCKING STUFFER!!!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: