WOW! Tennis anyone?

While all eyes were on Canada’s men soccer team yesterday, another Canadian squad has quietly (and oddly) slipped through the cracks of sports news……
Congratulations to our mens tennis team for winning our country’s first ever Davis cup!


That is quite the accomplishment. I remember that most of my life Canada had no chance in Davis Cup. Story below.


Canada has recently produced world class players. I guess it’s growing in popularity and there’s a solid grassroots program.
Good story.


I have always thought that we need a tennis thread so that from time to time when something happens of import in the tennis world or a Canadian player does well there is a thread to post on. After searching the forum database this is the closest thread I could find and the only one that is not several years old. I propose that anyone inteerested use this thread for posting anything related to tennis.

An article today about the WTA and the Chinese tennis player who was disappeared by her country caught my eye. The WTA, which arguably took the toughest stance against China by refusing to hold tournaments there and instituting a boycott has relented in their position after receiving essentially nothing but some "assurances".

The player in question, Peng Shuai was once ranked #1 in doubles and as high as #14 in singles but at 37 obviously won't play again. The controversy arose when she made a post on social media accusing a high ranking Chinese official of raping her. The post was taken down shortly after and then she disappeared except for a typical fake scripted appearance or two such as at the Olympics controlled by Chinese officials.

It would appear from reading the article that the WTA caved for financial reasons.I'm not posting this to blame them as every other sport does most of what they do for financial reasons. You may have read some of the debate about LIV Golf and the fact that Arab money supports most sports in the world, including the CFL. And as bad as the human rights record of Arab countries is I would argue that China and Russia are worse, yetthey continue to be awarded major events such as the Olympics and World Cup.

Maybe the answer is to keep sports separate from politics at all times. If not then surely the financial hit that needs to be taken to fight the atrocities and human rights violations in countries like China must start with the players. Women's tennis players at least weren't prepared to continue to take a financial hit and I'm not sure we can blame them. How many of us would sacrifice a pile of money to stand up for a principle?

I don't have the answers to arguably impossible questions. Just an interesting and perturbing story I thought.

china and russia don't actually care about sports as much as some seem to think. they really only care about control, especially controlling their citizens.

i suspect the Brittnay Griner arrest and subsequent imprisonment/hostage taking has scared professional sports organizations. not to mention the lost revenue from cancelled events, etc.

Canadians not doing great at Roland Garros although Leylah Fernandez won yesterday. Bianca plays tomorrow.

Canadians not doing so great at the French Open. My favourite Leylah lost a match I thought she could win. Felix also out early although they say he is injured. Shapovolov played well and won today but will likely be steamrolled by world #1 Carlos Alcarez next match. That leaves only Andreescu in singles and this isn’t her best surface and she is hardly in form. Too bad for Leylah as clay is her best surface.

I didn’t see it but world #1 Carlos Alcarez lived up to his ranking by besting Jokevic and his tinfoil hat in a 5 set 4 1/2 hour marathon to win Wimbledon. One game alone lasted 25 minutes. These guys are just amazing athletes. The match reportedly was highly entertaining. No more chance of the Joker winning the calendar year grand slam which it appeared he had a good shot of doing. Perhaps there will be a changing of the guard in men’s tennis.

(Alcaraz tops Djokovic in hard-fought final to claim first Wimbledon men’s title Carlos Alcaraz tops Novak Djokovic in hard-fought final to claim first Wimbledon men's title | TSN)

Milos Raonic in excellent form so far in his return to big time tennis after being away with an injury for almost two years.