wow, talk about bend dont break

edmonton, by far the fewest points allowed, yet 5th in yardage allowed. go figure

When I read the subject I thought you were talking about Rottier's arm.

Yeah, me too. I thought someone had posted a video link........


Back to Football.

Edmonton , have been a nice surprise for many people however , the injuries are pulling up.

Honestly they could as easily be 1 and 3 if B.C. and the Argos hadn't beated themselves.
But " IFS " don't count.

I think that the Edmonton @ Winnipeg , game will be a lot closer than some people may think.

A bit off track, but has anyone else noticed the excessive amount of comments about how this team could easily have this record, and that team could easily have that record? It seems like none of the teams deserve the records they have. At least according to the discussions here...

Anyway, I have noticed that about the Eskimos. As long as they continue to prevent teams from scoring and continue to generate turnovers, I can accept it. :smiley:

They could also be easily 4-0 if their offence didn't take the day off.

wwasnt is matt D that said " if if's and buts were nuts it would be chrsitmass all the time"

are you saying chrsitmass is nuts?? :wink:


Interesting agreement made on the Punt Rule just before game time for the 1965 Grey Cup Game; Strong winds.
Edit: Didn't really know where to put this info...but none the less.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

One fan wrote in to the Journal about CFL delays....interestingly true perhaps?

I used that one recently though Matt may have too? It ryhms:

If if's and buts
We're candy and nuts
It would be Christmas all year long

That recently applies for most teams with a 3-2 record. Parity is not a bad thing, lots to talk about.