wow.. Surprise! Dressler and Butler named West All-Stars

ok so we all knew Freeman was going to get in.

but did anyone truly see Dressler and Butler getting nods too??

I thought that Bowman had a better shot and Getzlaf too. but I'm surprised by Dressler

and i definitely didn't see Butler getting that.

Like I said on the main board, I had a good feeling Butler would get in. Great stats, looked good, and was a rookie. And Dressler is one of the best receivers in the league, yes Bowman had better stats, but if it wasn't for one big game against the worst teams second stringers he probably wouldn't have had those stats.

ya I guess so!

but I can see some Eskimos Fans arguing it for sure.

Butler doesn't surprise me, he is well deserving.

His only competition really would have been Morley in Calgary. He's heads and tails better this season than either Edmonton's safety (Alexander, converted corner) or BC's (Larose). And I'd have voted for him over Morley.

Year after year, except for his Rookie year, Dressler is under rated by the league. I can't think of a player more deserving and more humble then him. Congrats to Dressler.