Wow Some Ottawa Councillors

Anyway I'm from Hamilton and I don't usually watch council meetings but of course being a huge CFL fan I am biast and want to see a team back in Ottawa(successful one). I have 3 vacation days off this week; I didn't know I could watch the proceedings online at . Anyway Mr Roger Greenberg of OSEG is being questioned by council ,which I think is very important for them to understand what they are getting into. My points are that most councillors that I have heard from so far seem favourable to the deal and just want clarity on all the details and how this money would be spent and how much they are on the hook for. Sorry kind of rambling on; the 2 main proponents that I saw were of course Mr Doucet and a very loud mouth councillor named Hume(they had to turn off his myke). Mr Doucet was once again saying misinformation which Greenberg quickly rebutted. Doucet constantly tried to be negative but he also said he only played football because of the girls. I expected worse from this man; but I didn't know that Mr Hume would be the worst proponent, kept saying that OSEG would get all the revenues from all the operations of the stadium and other projects. Greenberg corrected him and said the moneys generated would be a partnership between OSEG and the City. This seems to be very interesting to watch. Anyway my final point is that I can't say from only seeing some councillors which way its leaning; but is this council always this loud and constantly delaying decisions forever?What do people in Ottawa think, especially of Doucet and the bigger jerk?? Hume. I am an outsider and don't know any of these people. :rockin: :cowboy: :lol:

I apologise I meant to say councillor Alex Cullen who is the most outspoken; I don't think there is a councillor Hume??? :roll:

E-mail those councillors and tell them you support Lansdowne Live and the Ottawa Rough Riders. :rockin:

There is, but so long as he gets some assurances on the design side of the rest of the site, he's pretty well on board.

Cullen is hard on the ears though, I agree with you.

One motion earlier, by Cullen, would have messed up the financials of it and killed the project. It lost 18-5. Great sign. :thup:

Cullen, by the way, is annoyed that Greenberg's bunch is getting profits from the stadium first while not paying rent when every other owner in the past paid rent. He seems to shrug off though that Greenberg will pay to maintain the site, something past owners didn't have to do.

Yes I saw that thanks and I was happy. Yes he is very loud and obnoxious. I can't stand listening to him, anyway goodluck Landsdowne Live. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy, just hope it gets done, thanks for the excellent update catast, :thup:

They're preparing to vote...Finally...

Looking good based on comments being made...

One swing vote just confirmed his support. :thup:

Another swing vote confirms support.

Sounding like this will win by a fairly solid margin…

Doucet was pretty well in tears at the end of his time to speak, so I guess he's expecting defeat.


Holy crap, can these people ever talk...

One councillor is recapping the BC/Hamilton game to make fun that the Eastern playoffs includes BC.

That's quite relevent to the discussion, no doubt. :roll:

15-09 For.


About time, so it`s passed...what are the next steps...

From the Citizen website:

" The partnership agreement with four Ottawa businessmen was amended, on a motion from Councillor Marianne Wilkinson, to give the city a return on its contribution of $12 million in cash to the project. Also, council decided, in motions from Councillor Peter Hume, to establish a panel, which will include urban designer George Dark, to advise on what the redevelopment should look like. "

They'll be making minor amendments to the plan until next May, at which point there will be another vote, which sounds like basically a rubber stamp process. However, it's also the lead-up to the next municipal election, some of these councillors will be very nervous, especially the ones that voted no, as I suspect there will be a real, positive vibe building at that point.

It's refreshing to see so many people who wouldn't usually care a fig about their city actually getting interested and involved in this whole issue. A good sign for the future. If you don't live here you wouldn't really get it, for " the city that fun forgot " it's been really something to watch and be part of.

Can't wait for the CFL to return, I won't have to cheer for the Ticats any longer!

Congrats Ottawa! That's one more hurdle. Let's hope things continue to progress positively for the this incredibly patient ownership group.

Congrats to all the CFL fans in Ottawa and everyone there. As was said, this is not just a Football stadium. Many other events will be held there like soccer(USl, local, Ottawa college teams etc.). This will be a multi purpose stadium just like the one we will be building here in the Hammer. Anyway please buy tickets and support your team when it finally comes back. I have never been to Ottawa but I hear its a beautiful city; I would love to see it and a CFL game there. I will even try to buy seasons tickets even though I won't make any games?? give it to charity for the disabled. Congrats again and can't wait to have you back. Lets go Quebec City, Halifax or Moncton or all 3 next. :rockin: :cowboy: :smiley:

Beauty, congrats Ottawa for seemingly making this happen! :thup: