Wow Paint Killers are terrible

I am disgusted by the amount of pain killers players in the NFL take it is sick ....If you know what I do you would literally puke!!!! Not worth it!

individual choice.

I wanted to play pro ball more than I have ever wanted anything (except my wife) and I would have done anything to be able to play, both to be on a team, and to be on the field.

Didn't know paint was a living thing that could be killed...

ok individual choice I am still puking are correct in a free country people have a right to stupid the sad thing is that the player get this from doctors that lie to players for the good of the team....doctors have broken oath they took as doctors pray to god less of this is going on in the CFL but would not be surprised if it was....lets no kid is a sport I love but at the end of the day its only a sport...that said I consider my sport part of my Canadian culture...

It is not only pain killers. Performance enhancing drugs like steroids and HGH run rampant in even high school and university football in THIS country.

Believe me, not as much in the media but I know that pain killers are HUGE in hockey as well. Inside sources.

And likely some of the drugs used are likely so toxic they could peel away paint and hence be ‘paint killers’ to match the title of this thread. lol

I gave some to my four legged paint the other day and he just dropped dead. lethal stuff I tell ya

Joe cartright not very happy with me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: