Wow Obie calls for a QB change, sort of

Perform or else Kevin Glenn

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Bob O’Billovich said Tuesday he might like to see Quinton Porter get just a little more action at quarterback

But, the only thing is, seeing how well Quinton played in training camp, I think that at some point in time we have to get him a chance to play. Especially since we might need him. If we’re not moving the football, you’re going to have to make those decisions.

I think QP is the future of this team.

I am NOT saying I think Glenn is done. I am saying if we go 0-3 then I say we start Porter for game 4.

Paging DrMopar....

Frustrated players bickering is not a big as deal to me as are these comments by Obie.


I have a feeling this third game will either squelch this dynamic if we get a win, or stuff will hit the fan with another loss due to poor performance.

It's Obie's last year in pro football so I am sure he doesn't want to go out managing a team of meagre achievers on the field. This team has all the talent they should ever need to win and the fact they are not is maddening enough to fans as it is so imagine how the GM with 40+ in the game feels.

I think anything Obie says is always something worth saying. He isn't the type to talk cheap.

Well stated! Exactly why I think this is a bigger deal than player bickering.

Obie means business, if he says something you better believe it’s going to happen.

zen: Well said. It's almost as if he is telling Marcel what he should already know.
I am surprised Obie says he is happy with the coaching staff. But I hope Obie has pointed out to Marcel that it's NOT just the QB that is the problem ...there is a coaching and motivational problem going on too.

I'm happy Obie's on his way out.
This is exactly what the team doesn't need to hear, we may be shuffling the qb spot week to week. Also if he really thinks this is the best coaching staff since hes been here hes crazy.

Its one thing (not to mention perfectly understandable and expected) for a GM to think those things that were quoted in the article. i just find it interesting that he in fact did convey those thoughts publicly.

Do his comments re the QB issue further add fuel to the simmering QB issue? Do those same comments somewhat undermine the coaching decisions on this issue or simply nudge or prompt them? If its the latter don't you think it would have been best to just have a private chat with MB and KJ?

He also however gives what appears to be give full support to the coaches. Not sure if that is good or bad. How many times have we seen in professional sport where upper management has fully supported/endorsed the coach/coaches only to fire them very soon thereafter.

The next few weeks/games will be very interesting.

EXACTLEY! You can bet that the owner/GM/Pres and anyone else who can see the games is expecting to see some improvement all around or maybe will will see a change even before game 6. But O'bie will not move on a "knee-jerk".

The question is whether he’s sitting, hammer in hand, poised to hit the knee to make it jerk in preparation for punting a coach or two.

I’m guessing that Obie had already mentioned the QB issue to MB and KJ. If that’s the case, and they bought into it, then hIs only mistake was to say it publicly before his coaches had a chance to. Another possibility is that he said it to them but they didn’t agree, in which case he’s giving them a push before he has to kick them out the door.

My take on this is that Obie and MB have chatted about just this in training camp. Now a carefully arranged plan is playing out to respectfully allow the necessary changes to happen.

Last year IMO it was Coach Gibson’s offense that allowed KG to amass the yardage he did, only problem was they knew what happened last year was the maximum. The OC designed that offense to compliment KG styles and abilities, while so many called the offense vanilla and only effective between the 20’s I was told by people who’s opinion I value that it was all that KG was capable of running.

Last years offense eliminated a wide out effectively we were playing a receiver short the entire season, the coaches knew KG was not going to make a pass to the far side wide out so he became a decoy and the better coached defenses used this to their advantage by never having to double team that receiver, this season they have tried to use ABIII in that position as the decoy thinking he will command that double coverage, which by name alone he does, however it does not take long for the other coaches to realize the QB cant make that pass and when he does we have seen the results.

This year I believe KG has been challenged to make that play to use all of his receivers, again we have all seen the results.

Game 1, 2 and possible 3 have become a kind way to start the changing of the guard, this is KG’s job to lose and rightfully so as an 11 year vet he has earned that opportunity before being replaced.

How long Kevin Glenn remains the starter now hinges on the results game to game, but no matter what, Obie MB and Glenn himself knows he cannot make that pass and our offense will be limited to a maximum output of 9-9’s and playoff loses.

There is no waiting to fire MB, or his assistants. This is just a respectful way of moving an 11 year vet into a back up roll. Even if it costs an early game or two.

Just my opinion.

Obie is just stating the obvious. Our quarterbacking hasn't been very good so far. If that lights a fire under Glenn, so be it. Mission accomplished. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Definitely plausible scenarios but, man, in either case, these are not good things from a team perspective.

Wow - if this is all true then its like the coaches are setting up KG to fail since they already knew and know his capabilities.

No I see it as giving him the chance to show that he can take this team beyond 9 and 9. If he cant then its time to make a change.

Well, as I said, the next few weeks should be very interesting and also hoping this all works out for the team's competitive good. I believe it was Madden who said that "Winning is a great deodorant."

New info on the issue at hand from Drew:


The accidental #Ticats quarterback controversy #CFL

Ticats general manager Bob O'Billovich has been around the CFL long time and has said that this Hamilton gig is his last rodeo. To say that he is old school doesn't quite do it justice: Obie built the school, then taught there for a long time.

Which is why when you stick your tape recorder in Obie's mug and ask him a question, more often than not, he answers it. He doesn't play politics or worry about his future or think about the "right" thing to say. He just answers the damn question.

As a journalist, this is a good thing. Straight answers are often hard to come by in this business and those that give them are often portrayed as trouble makers or malcontents. Canned quotes - given at 110 per cent - are much more palatable.

But sometimes Obie's honesty upsets the apple cart, though that's not usually his intent. In addition to not caring about his future and his penchant toward honesty, Bob is surprisingly naive about what we in the media are inclined to do with his words. He just doesn't spend a whole lot of time thinking about it, I don't think.

So when he told Steve Milton yesterday that "he might like to see Quinton Porter get just a little more action" (those are Steve's words not Obie's) he likely did not intend to start yet another round of Kevin vs. Quinton. Nor was he trying to undermine his coach. He was just being honest. And Steve, reading the situation like the pro he is, tried his best to put into the proper context. It was part, but not the focus, of his column.
It didn't work.

Today, the QB controversy story was back in vogue, with TSN and others digging right in. The Ticats decided not to make O'Billovich available today.

I'll have a little notebook item which I'll post here shortly but I'm not going chapter and verse on this issue again. I understand why it's a story but I'm increasingly resolved to only write another QB controversy story when there actually is one or when circumstances dictate I have to.

O'Billovich's comments weren't intended as a shot at KG or a hint to his coach: you're just going to have to trust me on that. It was just Obie being Obie, for better and for worse.

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So another way to put this is, "it's a non-issue that's been handled internally"? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

As someone else said, winning is a great deodorant. I hope it starts soon.

Are you kidding me?
9 and 9 ?
They will be lucky to win 3 games this year.
The reason I haven't logged on to this site, is because everyone thinks I hate the Cats.
But the fact is - they will be lucky to make .500 .
Sorry for being negative. But think back now - when was the last time the Cat offense drove from 1 end of the field to the other?
When they start doing that, we will start winning. In the meantime, I will continue my whining .....

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I wonder who actually muzzled Obie being that he is Marcel's boss. I love the fact that Obie tells it like it is instead of Marcel's usual "We need to make more plays and execute better". We've been hearing that crap forever.