Wow! Nice Work on the Forums

My compliments Ron and friends!!!

Looks great.

Thanks - Glad I'm not the only one still up working on them :wink:

Great Job! It looks very nice!

looks great! :thup:

8) All in all, things look great here Jett. Thanks for all your work !!
  However, I do have one problem.  I find that the top of each page, where it is a dark grey colour, is very hard to read, with the black and also the blue writing blending into it  !!

  Where the page is white in colour, there is no problem at all  !!

  Maybe it is just my eyesight  !!!           <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

  Anyone else having this same problem  ?????

I'm going to be doing some tweaking of the colors throughout the day - thanks for pointing that particular one out, I've noticed a few other areas that are kind of difficult to read as well.


site looks good. iknow i just got out of bed and was over served last nite,so everything is a little blurry anyway. but that dark grey is tough to read.

That a bit better?

Yup, very nice.

Liking this.
Not bad at all Jett.

It's growing on

I may just be blind, but I did have a hard time finding the link to sign in. I had to try to post a new topic before it gave me the log in screen. Did I miss something??

On another note, I like that the sig line font is bigger and easier to read.

I'm glad I can log in and go directly to the page I was viewing.
That used to annoy me, big time.

Nice job.

Top right corner - I'll see about making the link a bit more obvious.

Can anyone tell me how they put a picture with thier post? Thankyou!

How do you get to the other boards? The board index lists only these pages but I can get through to all sites if I log on through

Great job on the forums.

Excellent job on the new forums, they look awesome!!

Is there a way to get on the CFL forum from the Ticats site like the last version?

Unfortunately this is a limitation to the changeover - its on my list of things to look at, but for now you can still navigate around using the dropdown on the forum list (its at the bottom underneath everything).


How about now, we actually have a member being a mod for here, the mods rarely venture in here