Wow!, Mighty flat

Whats wrong???

where's the dominating force that we know, or shall I say.. knew as the Eskimos?

They should, in all reality be 0-3. If it wasn't for a small mistake by Burris near the end of the game last week.

I don't see anything scary about the Esks as of right now.. They look very ordinary, quite average.

Sure its only 3 games into the season, but can you honestly see yourselves today beating Montreal and B.C.? I can't.

LOOK OUT!! 34 years is about to crash to a halt!!

all i have to say is: :lol: :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

What's wrong you ask?

  1. Maciocia is unimaginative.

  2. The team let go almost a dozen of talented players recently.

  3. The Esks paid a high price to acquire Troy Davis and they're not using him.

Agreed on all counts, especially number two. I simply cannot fathom the personnel changes they've made this year. I know good players can become victims of the numbers game but I think Maciocia messed up this time and it's going to cost the Eskimos big time.

we resigned montford

not much help Signing Montford is going to do.. Montford doesn't cover receivers, dimwad!

I think alot of people around the country just had their eyes checked after seeing that game against Winnipeg. this team is lookin good right now, awesome D and should be 3-0.
teams better be ready for a battle when they play Winnipeg :rockin:

I think you're the "dimwad"!

Kevin Glenn had 5 seconds each and every play to throw to a receiver. There is absolutely no pressure on him. With Montford the esks will actually have a decent pass rush now, and our secondary won't have to recover receivers for 10 seconds!

Man, I gotta ask: where the blazes was Hamilton? Cotton's out for 4-6 and they have no pass rush to speak of, and yet big Joe, a perennial fan favourite in Hamilton, doesn't get a phone call? Absurd. Good move by Maciocia getting Montford back. Dickenson had better watch out this week.

I'm actually surprised he didn't end up in Hamilton, I was certain he was going to.

This is also a pretty good move by the esks as well b/c now we don't have him signed for 160,000 a year like we did when we released him. We probably picke him up for the 80,000 a year he was asking.

.....I'd be surprised if you picked him up for that little.....his whole plan was to sit and see who needed his services....right now Edmonton needs him more than he needs them....still, good to see Montford back in the game regardless of where he signed, I would have preferred Hamilton for obvuious reasons but his talent shouldn't be sidelined.....

hahahahaa lol...i agree totally with u on that 1...montford is just one player, and ur dline still sucks!

That was never Montford's plan. He was surprised to be cut and the Esks made it clear that salary considerations were first and foremost. Montford said recently that he'd be willing to take a pay cut to go to a city where he'd get adequate health care for his daughter. He specifically mentioned Edmonton and Hamilton as places he'd like to play again. Trust me, as badly as Edmonton needs a good pass rush, Montford probably needs the money just as badly.

Montford is only one player, but the d-line only consists of four players. And if he plays anything like he did last year, teams will be double teaming him, leaving some of our other d-lineman more open to get a sack.

yea but he's older... slower than last year.. I can't see him being that big of a threat like in the past. I'm not worried

He was 36 or something last year and was able to play with the young guys, six months after playing the grey... I don't think he'll have slowed down at all. The reason most didn't scoop him up is because they would rather develop younger talent instead of going with a vet.

Once again, word for word the same prediction that Eskie haters made last year, when Edmonton traded for him. He's too old, past his prime, Eskimos gave up too much to get him, he won't perform well, blah blah blah. He wound up being a CFL All Star, and the Eskimos candidate for Defensive Player of the Year... and the Eskimos led the league in most defensive categories. Oh yeah... Montford also won the Grey Cup last year. cflisthebest... didn't you also predict the Eskimos would miss the playoffs last year? And the year before that? And the year before that? And the year before that? And the year before that? And the year before that? And oh, let me guess... your prediction this year is that the Eskimos will miss the playoffs, right? Soooooooo predictable. And boring.

You're an idiot! I don't make ridiculous predictions like that, I know too well that the Eskimos always manage to find a way to sneak into the playoffs! Usually because there was always a team that was worse then the Esks!

This year, I'm not so sure that there is a team that is worse then the Mighty Esks!...

I didn't even predict the Esks to miss this year, thats just not smart because the odds never are in favour of it!

Montford won't help them overall because A: he doesn't play offense! B: he doesn't cover Receivers! and C: he's only 1 man! This is a team sport!

cflisthebest, you are the idiot here. In one breath, you boldly claim that "this year, I'm not so sure that there is a team that is worse than the Mighty Esks!", in the very next breath, out of your idiot mouth, comes "I didn't even predict the Esks to miss this year"

Make up your mind, moron!!! Don't be a wuss, and predict that the Eskies will miss the playoffs, AND that they will make the playoffs! Are you so ignorant, that you can't even see when you contradict yourself in the same post? Be a man, and make a prediction! Don't hide behind idiotic posts that could be interpreted as a correct prediction, whether they make it or not. I, for one, am predicting that The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos will extend their North American Pro Sports Record to 35 Consecutive Years in the Playoffs. Quit being an idiot.

I believe that the Esks will miss the playoffs, because their running game has been almost non-existant this year. Last week against Winnipeg , they had only 23 yards along the ground. I dont care which team you are, if you dont establish a running game, you are in trouble in this league. I also believe there needs to be better communication the Esks secondary, so they dont miss any coverage assignments like they did against the Bombers.