Wow, McCallum is hot!

Another McCallum field goal, its 32-20 BC. Anyone notice how good Mccallum has become after Riders fans filled his front lawn with manure? There might be something to the manure dumping. Anyone know AC's address? be effective, the manure must hit the neighbour's lawn instead.....

alot of those feild goals have also been indoors.

I am hard on AC, but in his defense, the offensive line tonight was dreadful. Okeke looked like a turnstyle!

maybe the manure needs to hit the fan to be really effective!

Macallum is now at about 93% in his fieldgoals. Yup he must have got almost all of them at only BC and Toronto . :roll:
A little resentment there from a disgruntled Rider fan ?

McCallum is still a good kicker....problem is he lost his confidence in Saskatchewan, and the coaches and fans lost their confidence in him. Who can play in an environment like that? He goes to BC and performs well. Good for him! He appears to be working harder - seems to have shed a few pounds - and best of all, he has the backing of his team, fans, and himself.....

And really, who cares where he kicks his field goals from, so long as he kicks them?

The offensive line has unquestionably struggled but I will continually assert that the problem - for the most part - lies with Cavillo. His play calling has been far too predictable and uninventive and the opposition has learned from that. The offensive line is still a top notched group but when the QB (with limited scrambling ability) relies almost exclusively on the pass and does not try to establish a running game, the defense can pin their ears back and inevitably overwhelm the O-Line regardless of how good they are. If you are going to rely heavily on the pass, you'll need a Danny McManus style of quick release.

I think the time has come for the offensive coordinator to have more control over play calls.