Wow...just got my tickets...luckily...

...and sounds like they're rolling pretty f'n fast.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to represent with my fellow Endzone Crazies!! I shed a tear just thinking about not being out in the horseshoe.

However, me and the fellas will be bringin' the energy to section 21 this Labour Day!!!!

Woooo hooooo!! Pumped for Labour Day football!!

Argos Suck!!

too bad fans only show up for Labour Day. How pathetic was Saturday night…an exciting team, great opponent only 19,000!! all the excuses, “it was raining”, “its a Saturday night, we were at the cottage” etc

I was there start to finish, but I don't begrudge people who didn't want to sit through that weather. It was coming down pretty hard at times. Mind you people didn't know that for sure in advance...

Yea I was at the cottage. I have season tix so my support is there. And yeah it was pouring rain. Not eveyone will go at sit and get soaked, especially not parents with kids. The atmosphere was great regardless. I remember a few years ago when Bob papered the house and it was full. It sucked because it was like a morgue.

This team has sucked so bad for so long it will take a year or 2 of winning to get the crowds back to 25000 plus.

So what your saying is enzone is already sold out?

Although there were only 19,206 fans in attendance at Ivor Wynne Stadium last Saturday night to see the Ticats beat the Eskimos, they made it sound like a full house during a very exciting fourth quarter. The next trick is to have a boisterous full house on Labour Day to generate the sound of "40,000 fan power" during a Ticat victory over the Argos.

Well, we were looking for 5 together...I can't remember if she said the endzone was completely sold out...think that's what she said though...and the bronze section (I think that's 5 and 9..forget though). They also said sales have been really swift in the last week.

And even still, we couldn't get our 5 together...had to split them up.

I don't either...sitting in driving rain isn't a lot of people's idea of a good time. But its also why we, as a fan base and football organization, have to work to boost advanced sales. That way, the decision becomes less dependent on the gameday forecast.

i am a parent with a 3 year old boy and we both have season tickets .... we were there from start to finish ... im sorry but rain is no excuse to miss a game... wear a poncho or bring an umbrella its football i love watching football in the rain

8) I agree with you kaiesmom, but please don't bring up that word "Umbrella" on this site anymore !! :wink:

Players play in the rain..real fans sit in the rain. Fortunately I was too drunk in the fourth quarter to notice the monsoon coming down on me.

lol ok i wont awear anymore lol i didnt care about the rain coming downi had my poncho

8) Yes, endzone is sold out, at least that's what the TiCats are reporting !!!

I was told by an account exec that end zone and reds are sold out for labour day. We got 5 tickets in the family zone, but coulda gotten a good deal through Pioneer for Bronze seats. But we decided to go on the trip to T.O. so thought we'd save some money and do both.

I really should have bought a flex pack, never realized how many games I'd be going to this year.

Its more fun and depending what you buy cheaper then going to a movie ...