I was expecting a big win from the cats tonight but........ there was um bad mistakes made when you guys needed to step up! Dang I thought printers was a cause of some problems but you can't blame him tonight! I don't mean to bring you down but I really don't understand! This team can play way way better than tonight! Motivation seems to be an issue! I hope something shakes soon? you guys know your team better than me what's up?


Obie for HC and Danny Mac for OC by Labour Day.

Couldnt do the game plan! Thats bad coaching!

You have to give some credit to the Bombers though, they were able to spring Sir Charles, they played fairly well, made the most of their opportunities despite some of their receivers dropping some easy ones and thei fg kicker crapping.

OK, I am crushed that we lost to Winnipeg, and we did not play particularly well, with lots of mistakes/turnovers BUT, a few things to bear in mind:

  1. we are still missing alot of starters on our already very young offense (Miles, Hudson, Lumsden, Printers, Smith, Gagne-Marcoux, etc.). The back-ups played awesome last week, but this week Winnipeg had film on them and the young back-ups felt the pressure of repeating last week's performance, making them tight (they seemed tight). At the same time, Winnipeg got alot of their starters back from injury and/or the doghouse/bench;

  2. despite this, we were in the game until the somewhat flukey play when Canada intercepted the tipped pass. If that ball hits the ground, we're inside Winnipeg territory poised to score a major;

So...I hope that the players don't get demoralized. What they did last week was the real thing, but they have to raise their game a level because there's less of an element of surprise and alot more pressure.


What different is D Mac going to do when the QB is constantly being knocked flat on his butt and rushed. DMAC still has to deal with the same horrible oline and same inexpierenced recievers. Having dmac as ov wouldnt have stopped a brutal fumble by a qb it wouldnt have stopped the interception and wouldnt have stopped a qb who constantly threw the ball into the dline for blocks. There was a ton of offense last night you sayin dmac wouldve had 500 yards of offense. It comes down to one thing inexpierence and a severe lack of talent.

Guess I'm the only positive one here. I'm not saying we played great, but 2 factors lead to our loss:

(1) Richie's fumble leading to a long sprint and subsequent TD for the Bombers
(2)the blocked pass that SOMEHOW by the power of God, landed in Canada's mits.

Sorry, that's my 2 cents

both teams seemed like they didn't wanna win this game at one time or another.
a good trade off are our 2 big mistakes and a couple drops, but then winnipeg dropped two sure td's and they're idiot kicker couldn't kick 2 32 yard field goals.
i'm worried avout the overall execution on offence, besides jojo none of receivers came back on their patterns to help richie who was running for his life all night and if weren't for his ability to run it would have been real ugly.