Just had to come into the tiger-den and give congrads on that win! The team really pulled together and show the CFL that the wins/loses don't fit the team. The way they played was my original prediction for this team this year. I'm still hoping for a Ti-cat Lions Grey cup match for 2008! nice work! keep playing like tonight and you never know!

Thanks Blacklion. Except for two games this team has been in all the games well at least making watching them a little easier than past years.


-Offensive play calling.
-Richie Williams.
-Terry Cauley. (I always thought it was Caulley)
-Defensive pressure on QB.
-2nd half defence.
-Setta's punting.
-Lack of penalties.
-O-Line protection.

(not necessarily in that order but Hamilton did not beat themselves tonight)

Great Game & Congratulations to All.

Add to that - big edge in takeaway-giveaway

I have a concern about Setta. I think he missed another easy FG tonight and at that time in the game it could have proved costly as a momentum killer. That can't keep happening if this team wants to move forward.

And yet there were people constantly defending Boreham.... haha.

Totally agree with that list, with special note to the coaching and play calling that’s been criticized so much the last couple of weeks.

Kudos to the Cats for a terrific performance from start to finish. I didn't see this one coming by a long shot, but it's great to see parity slowly returning to the league.

And now we'll see if the start Bishop movement will be as loud as the start Williams movement.

I still have no idea why Toronto traded for Joseph in the first place. Bishop had cemented himself as the starter and so far the trade looks to have backfired completely.


Joseph is an excellent QB and better than Bishop.

Toronto is losing now because the defence that they've relied on for so long is now gone.

Too old maybe, or losing Stubler to the HC postion?

Nice to see a few passes to the fullbacks finally, who are usually open by the way. The play calling looked good only because Caulley and Williams made it look good. The way they sold the fake hand-offs tonight was impressive.... the Argos didn't know who was coming or who was going. Great to see Caulley carry on where he left off last year. He looked great! Still didn't see much if any tosses to the RB in the flats. It's a killer play, especially when throwing to the like of Lumsden, Caulley, and Smith. Hope to see a lot more of that next game.

You’re right. The D is not nearly as good as it’s been in recent years. I think it was a huge mistake to bring O’Shea back. I also think it was a mistake to hand the D over to Kavis Reed who the Cats got rid of a couple of years ago.

But full marks go to the Cats who played a strong game regardless of what the Argos did. Can anyone spell QB controversy? :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

Turn-overs were the big key.

Check out at the end of a game.
Whoever turns the ball over the most almost always gets a "L"

That was the first time in a long time that we dominated that stat.

About Setta's FG miss, I think it has more to do with Porter holding.. i noticed the laces were facing to the left instead of out and the kick was wide to the left.

I'm still hoping for a Ti-cat Lions Grey cup match for 2008
Battle of the big cats!

Totally Agree with you! What a game it was.

I just wish they could play with that intensity against every team.

Guess I'll have to go into the Winnigpeg locker room and paint their uniforms double blue. :twisted: