WOW..... I will say i am happy

I can't believe we won and people are still bitching about the team, the coaches, the consessions.

I am happy we won. i saw a noticeable improvment in the team (not saying it is because marshall is gone) but they were running smoother and looked liked a team. I am a big Boreham fan but hey meyers put the ball through. People are calling for eakin but MAAS was good. People are still slaggin Ranek but i thought he a good game. consession i didn't use any. I am just a Glass half full kind of guy right now. Oskee wee wee and GO CATS GO.

I guess it's not a good time to mention the "lucky looney" I slipped into the field-turf last week huh?..... :wink:

( Sadly, the penny ran out of luck! :cry: )


i guess you'll get more bang for your buck, but you can only squeeze a penny so far....

tee hee

on a side note (although its football related so i guess this is the real note) I can't beleive there is so much negativity about a WIN!!!

the concessions tho, go nuts, complain away about those.