wow geroy

4 catches 56 yards, and last week 41 yards, you have shown that you are the best receiver in the league.....not lol...way to suck geroy way to suck.

oh where's all geroy guy's all you heroy lovers that think a receiver that had 91 yards in 2 games is the man lol????????

Well its becuase coaches now know how much of a threat he is and there game planning for him like double cover and junk

well arent ''best receivers'' in the league supposed to fight through it...

jason tucker does.

I guess everyone's decided to drop their support for geroy... :lol:

Simon = 6 TD's
Tucker = 3 TD's

There's your answer why! You can run to hell and back but if you don't score any TD's along the way who cares?

hes played 1 more game and only has 3 more tds whooopey doo...jason has less catches but more recieving yards, that shows Tucker makes a better impact when he touches the ball. he averages more yards per catch, and he doesnt become invisible in big games like geroy in the last 2

Everyone cares! If your receiver is able to get your offence lots of yards every game, he's a great asset to have in the sense that in the end, he'll be able to help set up the team for a lot of points(including field goals).

You never learn, everybody knows Geroy is better, just drop it and by the way Paris Jackson had 126 yards because they double covered Simon.

any player who thinks he is as good as he is, is not as good as he thinks he is.

LOL…so your saying geroy cant do anything when he gets double covered. well jason tucker every game produces with dub coverage,

hey you guys keep yuor 41 yards per game receiver lol…ill take our grey cup MVP, receiving yards leading, 2 grey cup winning receiver.

and you can have your, i got to a grey cup game and shit the bed reciver

simon pwn's tucker

you keep telling yourself that little red riding hood..ooops im mean yogi

geroy is better than tucker, keep thinking otherwise though, if you agreed with the correct answer nobody would remember what an idiot you are

What? the red riding hood joke s*cked, and we're 5 games into a season, Tucker is hot right now but it wont last, Geroy will get back on track when the injured WR's come back.

Yes, perhaps Simon being double/triple teamed as a result of 3/4 of BC's receiving corps being injured has something to do with it, huh?

oh so i guess last game derrell mitchell.. one of the best SBs in the game being out and tucker still gets over 100 yards was a fluke???.

Geroy should fight through it...use ur so called best receiver in the league talent...jason tucker does.

Take both Mitchell and Hervey out the Easks lineup and see how well Tucker does then. Teams are focusing on Simon because he is a threat. It is why he doesnt have a lot of receiving yards in the last two games. Tucker may fight through it, because the Esks still have other weapons that BC doesn not have(Simmons and Clermont).

lol...make all the exscuses you want Geroy is sucking and Tucker is the man...ecscuses are for losers

so whats YOUR excuse?