Wow! Dyakowski trolls SSK radio show

3DownNation ?@3DownNation 24m24 minutes ago
#Ticats @PeterDyakowski touts fake study, conducts fake radio interview, trolls #Riders fans

This is hilarious!, listen to Peter dupe the Green Zone radio show by pretending to be Professor John Miller, McMaster Department of Mathematics & Statistics and give the guy all this bunk about the poll.
Dyakoswki is golden!

LMFAO @ This.........Friggin' Hilarious.....Rider Nation you just got punked by Canada's Smartest Person :lol: Well done Pete :slight_smile: Well done indeed :slight_smile:

Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce Professor John Miller :wink:

OMFG. Pete is my personal hero!!

Well done sir! Bravo! :rockin:

He doesn't have to make it up though. We are the best in the league. And we don't drive tractors lol

I don't know how he didn't break up laughing when he was asked who had the 2nd best fans and he said calmly it was WPG and that SSK was 3rd! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

That's was the best part. I could hear hear radio guys heart break lol

Grov. You gotta take this to the main board lol

That’s great stuff, he ranted for 8 minutes and didn’t even give them a number :lol: . Would not surprise me if Peter caused a couple melon heads to have traffic accidents listening to this. Hopefully they don’t find out where he lives and caravane some manure to his front lawn :lol:

How embarrassing for this radio guy :roll: :cry: :
Love it!!

far out :thup:

Are Rider fans Ancient Aliens ? :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

They are if Professor John Miller has anything to say about it.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's probably worth considering that if it were someone from another team doing a similar stunt against Hamilton, a lot of people around here would be losing their shit and calling for his head on a platter.

Probably, but that does not take away from the "punk" Peter just pulled. I think I might be one losing their **** over this, if something similar happened to my team, but would hope I would also be able to appreciate the humour behind it as well.


I'm a Rider fan and I thought it was funny. Rod Pederson is pretty over the top with his predictions anyways, so it looks good on him to get trolled.

I say we get him to phone Dean Blundell next

Obviously they never once have herd Pete speak it was real easy to know it was his voice lol

Who said O-Linemen were just big and dumb?...Pete is pure genius! Love it!