what a fantastic storybook ending for Scott and Tessa in ice dancing.

an awesome skate.

a well earned gold medal.

if you didn't watch it, look for highlights, or maybe Utube.

I got very choked up, specially when they did a tribute piece afterwards.

My wife was so excited when they won that I thought the police would show up with a noise complaint.

oh my aching ear drums

Probably going to be some time before any other Canadian ice dancers take the podium

This Olympics is actually my first time seeing them skate.

Sure am glad I didn't miss this.


Yes, I'm sure almost everyone saw it, and that there is going to be a run on Kleenex afterwards.....

Its the best performance by any athletes in the history of the Winter Olympic games, Virtue & Moir are the embodiment of what the games are about.

An amazing performance! They are breathtaking to watch.

Tessa is a very graceful and lovely woman. :slight_smile:

It was cool when they got back to the bench, and Scott slammed the door open as if to say “move over, we’re the best!”.

A stellar performance by 2 fabulous skaters! I was breathless watching them.