Toronto, ON (November 8, 2010) – TSN continues to set new benchmarks for CFL television audiences with Saturday’s Saskatchewan-Edmonton game attracting an average audience of 1.35 million viewers – making it the most-watched regular season game in CFL history!

The record game cements the 2010 season as the most impressive regular season ever for the CFL in terms of television audiences. Audiences on TSN are up 35% compared to last season’s average audience. Highlighting the schedule were 14 games that recorded audiences of more than one million viewers.

The CFL ON TSN also saw significant growth in several key demographics with audience in the 18-34 demographic up 53% compared to last season!

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well TSN.. better be prepared to pay up!! at least 50% more than what you offered last time!

Fantastic news, this league's gaining steam and TSN does a brilliant job in presentation.
The future is bright!

Wow. 14 games with at least a million. That's incredible. It's a shame they don't give the average, though.

Anyone remember last year's average and wanna do the math? :lol: I'd be curious to know the number.

The second point after the title says "CFL averaged more than 807,000 viewers on TSN throughout the 2010 regular season", so either you missed that or I'm not sure what you're asking for.

I’d like to know the average by team as well. And NO this is not about who is number, so relax Mr. America and Oilrocker. Just to show where the league needs the most work.

DAMN! I knew it would increase a fair bit this year but never thought it would increase that much!

Perhaps the salary cap will increase too, once that big TV contract is signed?

I completely missed the link at the end. That's my bad. :oops:

I want to know if this includes RDS numbers, cuz i know Als games have low tv audiences in English Canada but in Quebec it isent so bad.

Great numbers. RDS is not included so Alouette games would be a lot higher stil!!
So apparently the CFL is on its death bed?
Anyways, big TV deal in a couple years.

These numbers speak to the good work done by TSN promoting the CFL, but as well to the popularity and passion the CFL enjoys in this country.

Fantastic news! :thup:

A little birdie has told me that because the numbers are so high that TSN is going to be airing at least two preseason games next year. The little birdie believes they will be Rider games.
Good news for the League for sure.

The bidding war better start at the end of next year at a minimum $25M per year.
Now if we can get Ottawa back and a new team in Moncton, this average will even increase more to well over 1M per game.

they need to try and get as much money as they can from TSN. for years the CFL has been jobbed by Newspapers out East, lack of quality coverage all year (CBC) and poor committment.

now the CFL has things in their control.. they need to get money from TSN!

then they can give the Players a nice big increase in Salaries, and not just by 200,000 but by a Million or so.

give the team some levy room to keep their good players and build up their teams!

I can see it now boys!! the CFL in 2016 will be flying high!, and people will be laughing and having fun!

the other thing the CFL could do with the increase, is increase their starting rosters from 42 to 46..

I’m pretty sure that part of the ratings increase is due to the “Personal People Meter” pager-like device they started using August 31, 2009 to track veiwership. That’s why there was a large bump last year, but only for the last half of the season. So this is the first full season that the PPM’s have been used.

I was going to mention that, so the 35% increase is probably a bit of an exaggeration. On the brighter side, though, according to Chris Zelkovich (who used to post the numbers on his blog), CFL got a bigger bump from the ppm system than most other sports did.

Fair enough, but this new measurement will aplly to every other product and or sport shown on TV.

Toronto having a competitive team is the reason for the increase.

Where do the Argos rank among Toronto sports teams, in your opinion.

The tv ratings often suggest they are number 2 behind the Leafs, but it’s hard to say how many of those viewers are actually from Toronto.