I have just read how this is the 8th best league attendance in history. With the best years being from 1977-1983. If only Ottawa had a better year we could have surpassed 29,000 and possibly 30,000. With the upswing continuing the last few years and the incredible popularity plus TV numbers, the 30,000 per game average is reachable. But, there can be no soft spots like this year in Ottawa and Winnipeg. Meaning, how overall parity can achieve same, despite the fact there always will be a last place team?

Winnipeg has ok attendence numbers, but thier is just so much crap people can take from a club.

I agree like the Gades, Winnipeg has also many reasons for the fans to stay away. But, a true fan is measured by sticking with their team through the good times and bad. I can tell you from my experience as a season ticket holder of the Argos, we had our back to back Grey Cups in 96-97 and then the loonie toon years took hold. I never gave up and continued with my season tickets and became if anything more resolved.

if I lived in the Peg, I'd be a everygame regradless on how bad the team is. At the very least, I can see the other teams great players play.


glad to here you were one of the fans that stuck with the argos. however i do not believe toronto is the example most places want to emulate when it come to fan support. the prairies are by far the best for supporting their teams regardless of the play.

honourable mention to hamilton fans these past couple years.

6th best attended football league in the world after NFL, German soccer, Australian football and English and spanish soccer. In a country with a relatively small population and up against MTL and TOR hockey love that is outstanding.