....I've never seen so much non-interest in the Grey Cup and all it's trappings for a very long time in the Peg...I guess when the team has performed so poorly for so long it has taken it's toll...I would say the CFL will take a long look at ever holding the Cup in Winnipeg again anytime soon..The media in this city is 'crap'...No excitement....not much interest in who the next oc will be here...nothing...It'll be sad if this team has to go to a telethon to survive but with the non-interest in the club or the CFL in general, and add the stadium debt, we could be in financial doo-doo in the not too distant future...Sad that it's slipped to this state.. Also I've noticed interest and Bomber long time contributors to fan sites are disappearing in big numbers..IF the Bombers fail....the CFL will have failed...Red flags my friends flags. :thdn: Sorry that's the way this old fan sees it.

I’m heading over to TD Manitoba right now and will let you know. The cold weather isn’t helping.

Great turn out at TD Manitoba and the Craft Beer concert, Sheepdogs, although I didn't have the staying power, lol.

…Good to hear you enjoyed the night pigseye…At least there’s still TD Manitoba that can get and set it right… :thup:

I was watching the broadcast on location from TSN today and I’ve never seen crowds so small for events during GC weekend.

…Yeah it’s sad…seems overpriced, for a game, with the host cities team sitting hang dog on the sidelines…You can’t blame the locals AND when one of the big media stories this week :oops: is ‘Bombers being Sued’ you have to scratch your head and wonder what the hell is going on. :thdn: …Don’t want to sound like ‘danny downer’ but this club BETTER have some positive answers early next year…I hope the game itself is a good one…that would be one consolation.

The venues are really spread out which doesn't help but yeah interest seems to be down this year.

There was a great deal of buzz at every event I attended . TD MB social was sold out and that was during a work day for most . Riderville was very busy on sat night . The fan zone setup at the U of W was packed all day on the sat afternoon .Winnipeg did a great job ! Was a fun week

For the consideration of the disinterested…

Justin Dunk November 30, 2015, 4:41 PM

The winner of the 2015 CIS Presidents’ Trophy has signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, per CFL sources.

Linebacker John Rush, who just finished his fifth year with the Guelph Gryphons, was named the nation’s top stand-up defensive player on Nov. 26. He led the country in 2015 with 60 tackles while chipping in 8.5 tackles for a loss, three sacks, two interceptions, two pass break-ups, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

The three-year defensive captain also played a vital role in leading the Gryphons to a 23–17 Yates Cup victory over Western. Rush recorded 12 tackles and three sacks to earn the Dalt White Trophy as game MVP.

Rush was added to Winnipeg’s negotiation list on Nov. 15, which gave the Bombers exclusive negotiating rights with the Canadian linebacker.

The Niagara Falls, Ont., native went unselected in the 2014 CFL Draft largely because he wasn’t back to 100 percent after suffering a freak ACL injury in practice halfway through his 2013 season. That made Rush a free agent and he turned a spectacular final season at Guelph into a pro contract.

If Rush had been eligible for the 2015 CFL Draft he would certainly have been picked and viewed as one of the top linebackers available. As one CFL personnel man put it, “Rush is like a free draft pick.?

This is way more than a Winnipeg thing Papa. The disinterest is rampant in my circles also who I consider (d) diehard CFL fans.After fighting over who would "get" to host the Grey party the past 5 or 6 years, out of the 18 or so of us who have regularly got together for most games all season long, let alone the Grey Cup, not 1 person was willing to host this year and no one got together for the game. Everyone had an excuse not to bother, and just watching at home. It all started early in the season with all the rule changes resulting in a cluster F... of penalties and reviews each game and as I have been stating on this site all year long, nobody was willing to watch anymore. But the rose colored glasses out there were all saying, Fine if you don't want to watch then go do somethong else, who needs you. Well guess what, everyone did do something else and this is the result.

…I hear you taleback and sad to hear that about a group of solid CFLers like them and yourself…During the Cup I noticed a real drop off in interest… Don’t know what was worse the ticket pricing or the state of the Bomber franchise…The Bombers and Riders were junk this year…strange for the Riders,becoming too commonplace with us…Year after year of bungling is taking it’s toll and it’s sad and startling to see the riders have the year they’ve just had…We have a lot of competition from the nfl and younger fans are continually being bombarded with the glitz from that league, never mind the internal CFL woes…We have a problem Houston and it better be addressed or this league is going to go the way of the Dodo bird…I have never seen or heard from so many long time disgruntled fans in a long while…So taleback ,Mr. Orridge has got a lot of heavy lifting to do, to get certain aspects of this league back on track…I hope he’s up to it and all we can do, I guess, is hope for better days.

The only venue that was not downtown was the spirit of Edmonton. Everything else was downtown and very close. The vibe downtown was awesome and people raved about it.

2007 grey cup in Toronto was not nearly as successful as the 2012 game.

They learned and improved upon the 2007 game and the 2012 game had much more buzz.

I would compare IGFs first attempt at hosting the big game to that of Toronto's attempt in 2007. The next shot will be much better.

Tons of Buzz and everything was first class.Every venue was busy and all had a great time. The only issue is the Bombers have been awful for 5 years and people were not going to pay 400 for a GC ticket. Also with SK being even worse then the Bombers , that took a big chunk of fans away from the event.

Ya, from my point of view the events were well attended. I think it depended on the night. Thursday’s for instance perhaps people expected more attendance out but the last time we hosted the Thursday night was lightly attended overall. Friday and Saturday are the nights that most people go out to. Add to that there were more events this time around like the concert series at the MTS centre. That gave people more options and a larger venue like the arena drew a chunk of people away from the other parties.

Kasps makes a good point, ticket sales stagnated for a while and I think some of that had to do wit the Riders being virtually eliminated from the playoffs for such a long time. Riders fans travel more than others and losing that potential market had a negative impact. Sticker shock hurt the local sales I think. People I think were comparing the prices to what they paid last time the game was here and it was a significant bump and were displeased. However, when you look at the ticket pricing and how it’s gone since the 100th Grey Cup the pricing was generally in line with that. If we don’t see another cup game for 8-10 years it’ll be the same problem all over again as the prices will again be much higher.

I think your bombers will turn it around this yr. And economy had a effect also.