Wow Buono Stupid?

I serousily dont get put in Dd when jarious jackson is struggling but u dont put jarious in when dds struggling...Dd only played 3 games rite?(or something like that) deserves to take over Dd!!! now thank you Buono..wat does jarious has to prove? nothing(he already proved it in the regular season) wat has Dd has to prove? everythin! he hasn't played for some time so why dont u jus SIT him out?? wtf..... i know dd has experience but still this guy is old...not athletic...thats why we got sacked/pressure SO MANY TIMES!! AND PLUS did you see those passes from dd? Short Yardage most...if u put Jackson in ..different story..much more athletic...better plays...less quarter back sacks....We really beat ourselves..I know jarious threw 2 ints but still even if u put dd in u sohuldnt put him for that long...not when hes struggling to get 2 1st downs in 1 drive...Defense..did okay (good enought to give the lions a chance to win a game) OFFENSE!! TURNOVAS and lack of skill...wheres the big players? Geory is the impact player SO THROW IT TO HIM IDIOTS...Ian Smart and Joe smith is prolly the reason we even got any points...sad on Dd and jarious but reallly sad on our coach..horible...

Jarious was AWEFUL but I must admit Dave wasn't at his best. I feel that Buck should have played why not?? there was nothing to lose. I am still not sold on JJ as a qb. 3 interceptions is UNACCEPTABLE. On all those sacks don't forget that we lost 2 linemen. I WON'T be watching the Grey Cup. Jarious proved to me yet again to day that he AIN'T ready to be a starting QB.

Biggest game of the year and the Lions STUNK.

The ONLY 2 Lions who were any good were:
Ian Smart
Cam Wake

DD was 14/19 for 128 yards and 1 TD in 1 half of play.....
Not exactly struggling in my books

But how many times was he sacked? Obviously that was partly due to injuries up front, but it also had to due with him not being able to move.

and plus its NOT ALWAYS about the stats, look at last quarter...when we NEEDED the 1st downs ... did dickenson get them ?

14 Completions for DD, 128 yards about 9 yards per throw

3 Completoins for JJ 51 yards, about 17 yards per throw
…just compare… if JJ woulda got more chances he’d probably hit 200 yards

JJ was all over the place on his throws and timing. DD's problem was getting sacked, but I don't blame him for that. It was an O-line meltdown in my opinion. That and we didn't adjust our came to counter the Sask pass rush.

I agree with putting DD in because DJ seemed to be cracking under the pressure but when DD was looking like he still had a concussion Wally should have given Buck a least a try. Wally is a great coach and did get them this far but he must take responsibilty for this loss. Thought the defense played well, kept the Riders from having a runaway win. The offense held the line but there is only so long you can hold it waiting for DD to make up his mind whether to throw or even move. Needed a more mobile quarterback for sure! Will still be behind them next year, again.

All last week, all we heard in Sask was how badly BC would beat us. Every BC fan said that it didn't matter who played QB because........any one of them could win...........but all I hear today is crying about the QB?

Guts and heart beats talent every time.

Here's my take on it.

Jarious was throwing some passes that made me wince - trying to thread the needle to a guy who had coverage all over him. Our receivers often come up big with those, but they're also very risky.

That being said, it's also true that Jarious usually took awhile to get into his groove and, often after playing poorly in the beginning of a game, he caught fire in the end. So I somehow think we should've just stuck with him and let him play.

Although Dave didn't play bad in my eyes at all...when he was sacked, it wasn't all his fault and the O line needed to do a better job, but didn't. The Riders came straight at Dave and I don't know many who could've gotten away from that. Somehow, I had more confidence in Dave and feel he's more "reliable", but I also know that Jarious often struggled early in a game but came on strong as things progressed.

All being said and done, the Riders played one hell of a game and we didn't.

I was wondering at the game what happened to the o-line. The best team didn't win tho, Roughriders got so lucky that our whole O-line practically got injured, and now they think they're better, haha, sorry but uh not when our O-line has some freak mutation and our starters aren't even playing. JJ tho, he got away with playin all year cuz nobody really read him to well, the problem with him is he throws the ball so hard he gets focused on one spot and RR picked up on it. Dickenson obviously had no help at all when he came in. Now they might as well hand the Grey Cup to Saskatchewan cuz Winnipegs starting QB is out too.

Oh well its part of the game, i just know that i was more the fact that our O-line wasn't even there hardly, had that happened to Saskatchewan or any other team they'd get sacked like crazy too.

You guys lucked out with us getting injured Riders, way too many O-line guys gone, and then our Centre who played all year. No wonder we lost, Riders might as well have played thin air.

And what about when they beat you guys 21-9 in B.C. in Week 6? I suppose they got lucky there, too? Please... :roll:

Well since Saskatchewan took out our starting QB.

Stop being a dink man, its clear.

O-line gone, QB gets acked like mad. Gee is their a coincidence or is Chief just being a jerk?

Week 6, I was there, i honestly couldn't think of anything other than no Startin QB. This one was 26-17 not 26-9, and we lose half our team. Yea sure not luck :roll: , your always spewing shit out of your mouth Cheif and you have no facts to back anything you say up like i do.

What you the riders do if half their O-line went down to injury, they would've lost even worse, i predict 48-3.

Cheif (cuz you don't deserve to have it spelt right) why can't you take any of those things into consideration, guys that haven't played all year have to come into the West Division final and our QB got sacked sacked and sacked again, you think that has no bearing on the game whatsoever? Guaranteed BC wins if that didn't happen. Riders are lucky this year that everyone they play is injury riddled. Wouldn't win otherwise and everyone knows it, you're just being a dink stay out of BC forums.

First, stop with the name-calling and cursing. Not required.

Second, why don't you give some credit to the Riders for beating your O-Line instead of whining about injuries. Injuries happen. Look at Cates. He was injured but still racked up some nice numbers.

You wanna whine, go for it, but expect to get called on it.

We didn't lose because of injuries. The Riders had more players banged up than we did.

The defense out played us causing 5 turnovers.

Saskatchewan seemed more hungry and wanted it more than we did.

O-line injuries nobody was on our o-line.

What am i getting called on? They weren't more banged up at all. the o-line is what keeps our OFFENSE GOIN.

I didn't name call at all. I was at the game too btw.

Saskatchewan didn't want it more at all, Saskatchewan capatilized on what was goin on, the BC Lions getting an injured O-line = Sacks. Get it? How is anybody supposed to play without their o-line?

How can you honestly still argue this, i'm surprised with you sportsmen, i didn't see either of you at the game. I was there lower bowl 13 rows up. The Riders did not play a good game at all missed passes like crazy. The d wasn't goin to hold them the whole game while they were on the field for pretty much the whole game, why cuz our QB get sacked, see the connection? Defense has to stay on field most the game.

I'm not whining, i'm merely stating fact, had BC had an offensive line like all season long Sask would've lost easy.

Go ahead keep calling me on it, cuz i'm loving proving you guys wrong with facts. Who the hell is Cates, does he play on the offensive line? If he was playing in the game, what does it matter, he's obviosuly not injured enough.

Oh well got to laugh at the riders in 2004, and 2006, versus one fluke by the riders. I'll live. GO CANUCKS GO

Amen Sportsmen!!!!

Oh of course here's a riders fan. How's it feel to fluke your way to a grey cup? You guys are gonna beat winnipeg if they're starting QB is out too.

This will be the most humourous year in CFL history.

When BC gets an O-line back, instead of having to play guys that didn't play all season, we'll stomp the crap out of you.

I don't think it is a gurantee of winning the Grey Cup. Winnipeg is a very strong team and they want it just as bad as us. We will fight for the win just like we did against BC. Interesting thought though....
I think you should keep your passion with hockey (hopefully you will know a bit more about that than football)

Fluke, wow thats being a sore loser.

Nothing flukey about the five turnovers we comitted. We had only one long drive all day on offense. Most of the time we were shut down after a few first downs.

Saskatchewan was more hungry than we were, and more prepared than we were. Other than special teams, they beat is in every department. We got what we deserved on Sunday.