Wow! Baggs Out.

From Twitter:
scratchingpost "DE Stevie Baggs out as #Ticats juggle ratio for playoff game vs. #Alouettes. #CFL"

Never saw this coming, its unfortunate to see Baggs out of the line-up but with injuries there was no other solution.

I haven't liked what the coaches have done with Baggs this year anyways, they rotate him consistently through out the game which probably made this decision easy for the staff.

I hope we can have success, and go to Winnipeg and have Hinds back so Stevie can play.

Thank god, Baggs has done nothing all season.

I don't like this move at all considering Mulander has shown in my opinion absolutley nothing. I realize this is a ratio move and it's too bad the team does not have a lot of flexability with their defence. It's also my opiion you give your players the best opportunity to succeed in the defensive sytem. I don't believe Baggs has been used properly all year. Under normal circumstances you fit the players strength with in the system. This is not the case all year. This could be a game buster if Mulander can not produce any pressure on AC. I hope I am wrong. This another case of not enough solid Canadian talent that can easily replace an American player. Certainly not impossible................................... Wow...........

It's been common knowledge that Baggs has had trouble all season with Chamblin's pressure (man-to-man) defense system. He played much more effectively under Marshall's zone defensive schemes. It just goes to prove that many of us here were right in suggesting that the coaching staff have not been able to adjust their game plans to suit the players that we have and their particular skill sets. It's unfortunate that the ratio rules have led to this decision, all in the name of getting Jamall Johnson into the lineup. Well, Johnson better have one hell of a game to justify taking Baggs out for this one! Coach MB will have a lot of explaining to do if this plan doesn't work! :cowboy:

lol...hope this is a joke, someone is messing with Drew or he simply screwed up because what a mistake...get this coach out of here quick or all our vets are going to be running for the hills :roll: Your telling me Stevie Baggs is our least important import on the roster....and that we simply can't bench anyone else? So we are going to play a player with 3 games under his belt and keep a proven vet on the sideline? What is going to get an extra bonus if he plays with a max amount of rookies?

Don't get me wrong, im hoping for a win tomorrow...I just dont think its a good idea to rely so much on rookies with next to no experience...especially in the play offs...really, lol...Marcel goes on the other day about not wanting to put in guys that haven't played much and lack experience...but goes with a 3 GAME ROOK over Baggs? (Im aware that Rose is a tackle and baggs is an end but essentially with JJ coming bags our coach is saying Rose is more valuable in this game then baggs)

Hopefully the Hamilton Rookie-cats can pull out the win tomorrow!

^ Luc Mullinder has more experience in this league than Baggs does. they are listing Mullinder as DE? Has he not played tackle his whole career? Is this a formality or are they really playing him out of his position tomorrow? Maybe Im mistaken....

Anyways, all frustrations aside...lets hope the players rise above any and all distractions and the guys getting an opportunity capitalize and make an impact...

Isnt anyone else concerned about the level of rookie reliance? I hope JJ makes an impact tomorrow, he certainly is hungry enough...I just hope its a significant enough upgrade over the job Mariuz has been doing...

Maybe Im mistaken but I could of sworn Mullinder has been at tackle all season if not his whole career...I wonder if it will be him or Ivan brown...a mainly special teams player with a whole 6 tackles in his career playing end?

also, please dont tell me that Mullinder has had the same impact that Baggs has the plast 3 seasons :roll:

Mullinder has always been a hybrid DT/DE type player. Drew even said that when we signed him.

No, but don't you tell me that Baggs has had the same impact that Jamal Johnson has had this season.
This move has been made so that JJ can play.

I stand corrected, did some looking around and apparently he's been an end for a while, I could of sworn seeing him line up in the middle though with Eddie steele? Oh well :S

@jordan - true enough sir, my gut says we need JJ in there, I just think theres another importort SOMEWHERE that could of been benched so both could play. He hasnt been him self most of the season, but im a firm believer he gives you the best chance to make plays/win

He probably has played some tackle since being here, I don't think your eyes were playing tricks on you.

I definitely see where you're coming from. But at the same time I'm sure this wasn't a split-second decision. It's probably something the coaches have been evaluating for a couple weeks now.

Here's hoping for the best, Id gladly eat my words if we get pressure and keep contain off the ends tomorrow and all in all frustrate the hell out of Calvillio....OSKEE WEE WEE!

I have no problems with Baggs being out. If he can't adjust to what the coaches want, then perhaps he lacks the athletic versatility others have.

I can't recall him impacting any games this year, so it's no surprise to me.

At first, this seemed quite surprising. But considering that Baggs has only five sacks this year and hasn't nearly as much of an impact as we thought he'd have, it's not so surprising.

It seems the team had to choose between taking out Jamall Johnson, Robert Rose, or Baggs. There wasn't enough NI depth left in the O line after the Hage injury to have Wayne Smith start in place of Simmons or Belton Johnson. And considering what Johnson, Rose, and Baggs have done recently, and what they can do for us, they had to go with taking out Baggs.

It doesn't matter if you're a big name FA signing. What matters the most is what you've done lately and what you can do now. It's like that's the message being sent.

If this decision still doesn't make sense to you, then I'd suggest reading what Steve Milton says here, as he makes very good points as usual: ... s-cfl.html

I recall Baggs playing several games this season with JJ playing.

It's an issue now?

Thanks to Chamblin for taking Baggs' strength (the rush) and changing him to a shadow guy on the line. Hasn't been effective being used in that way.

Yes, because of the injuries to Hinds and Kirk.

WOW, I viewed Baggs as a leader on our defense and as someone I expected to be an impact this week. To win, we need to pressure AC. Who better than Baggs to do this? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:


Baggs is on the depth chart

Totally agreed hendy, that's been a real puzzler, and it makes me question just how Saskatchewan thinks Chamblin might be head coaching material. . . to take a star pass rusher in Baggs and try to turn him into something that minimizes his strength is odd to say the least.

It's reminiscent of how not just one but two successive coaches for that blue team down the QEW took an athletic scrambler named Kerry Joseph and somehow thought it was a bright idea to make him into a pylon of a pocket passer. .. which he is not now, never was, and never will be.

Square pegs don't fit in round holes.

Chamblin and his shuffling the deck all season has hurt more then it helped :thdn: I hope they send him packing for 2012 and bring Greg Marshall back to the hammer