wow baby

I feel so sorry for those who do not enjoy NFL football. I am so juiced for this weekends wildcard games. I keep going to the NFL website and reading the same articlesvideos 3 or 4 times a day. I just cant wait.

I am glad one of us is.

to watch Ben Roethlisberger put on a show.

Remember FYB, the SB is a corporate affair for the most part and unless a major market team is in the game, the corporate world ie. those with commercials and such, don’t really care who ends up winning the SB. :wink:

why would that matter to me, or anyone else who enjoys the NFL?

That’s right FYB :thup:

It very well could be a road team sweep this weekend. It would not surprise me at all to see the Chiefs win in Houston, Seahawks win in Minnesota, the Steelers win in Cincinnati and the Pack win at Washington.

And of course then on Monday night we get the Bama - Clemson National championship game.

Three days fo football to look forward to!

im going with Cincy, Seattle, Chiefs and Washington.

the KC/Houston game is a tough pick for me i haven’t watched either team play

I am expecting a 4 game road sweep. I also think the winner of cincinati and pittsburg will be in the SB. Sure hope it is not the penguins

Nah pitt has zero defence.

For me its ABS. I dont care whos in except Anyone But Seattle

why would that matter to me, or anyone else who enjoys the NFL?
Fair enough FYB.

Well yes, I enjoy the NFL and am cheering for Bridgewater and the Vikes to beat the Seahawks this weekend and advance. Although most people are predicting the Seahawks to win. Should be a good one.

...things got tougher for SEA with Lynch not making the trip and TE Willson is questionable...thankfully the D is propped up again and the O line looks to be stable but in frigid temps it is going to be hard to get points on the board...tough for Minny too I suppose....Go HAWKS!!

'WOW BABY' is the pefect thread title - because WOW BABY what a start to the NFL play-offs!

Opening kick-off returned 106 yards for a touchdown by the Chiefs! WOW!

OK - awesome start - but that was the only good play of the first half. A horrid first half for both teams offences. Kansas City only 6 points by their offence even though their defence forced 4 Houston turnovers giving KC good field position throughout the half - but they did not capitalize.

As for Houston's QB Hoyer....

in over 30 yrs, I do not think I have seen a worse game played by a qb in the nfl post season.

not surprise to me that KC wins, but didn't expect it to go down like this.

Yup - that ranks right up there with one of the worst playoff performances I have ever seen. His throws were so seldom on target - that when they were the receivers were so shocked - they dropped it! lol

One complete dud of a game.

Here’s hoping the Steelers and Bengals make for better viewing. Otherwise I might have to bail on football and watch either the Leafs or the Raptors playing the Hoyer-horrid-like Sixers (who are an all time bad 4 - 34 so far this season).

6 quarters of NawFuL playoff football so far. Can’t wait til the CFL season starts!

Well the rain isn't helping in Cincy - but I agree rcon - through six quarters - less than riveting stuff. It all seemed to peak with the 106 yard kick-off return to open the Chiefs - Texans game with nada since then.

But at least this game is competitive unlike the Houston game - which should make for at least an interesting 2nd -although maybe not exciting - second half.

And the Leafs are even worse tonight trailing 7-0. At least the Raps game is marginally interesting - up by 12 with 4 minutes to go.

OK - another WOW BABY! moment.

What a touchdown catch by Bryant! Incredible. - - YouTube

Unfortunately unless the Bengals get their act together offensively in these last 20 minutes in the pouring rain - this game ends up being a second dud.

15 - 0 Steelers - late 3rd quarter.

you were saying

so far I am 2 for 2, sigh