wow, argos 1 td away from playoffs

all they had to do was score one more td on aug 13th. whoduthunk it.

Ya it was that simple.....

And they didn't :lol:

We won't make it much further than them anyway....

Loaded with confidence, i see :smiley: :wink:

what are laughing at where 8 and 10 and will be one done in the playoffs

With this marcel belliefelle run circus act, we will either go to Montreal and lose by 50, or go to Winnipeg, lose a snooze fest 14-9 as Glenn throws 4 picks in the endzone! Marcell is a half decent CIS coach, he will have our guys completely uninspired for whoever they play in the first round :cry: :cry: :cry:

It will just be a walk through for the larks or bummers next sunday! :thup:

but coulda, shoulda, woulda doesn't count.

Not quite. Hamilton finished with 8 wins compared to Toronto's 6 wins.

ARGOS SUCK AGAIN!I remember the TiCats destroyed the Lions and the Als this year and Argos beat the Bumers so what will happen next?Is that Sask fan still hanging around here looking for crumbs? :cowboy:

you dont know who the argos lost to on aug 13th do you. think about it.

FYI - the Ticats LOST the season series to the Als.

The Montreal/Hamilton series was 2-2.Montreal had the Ref win a game for them.Winnipeg lost to Toronto didn't they?And Hamilton beat B.C didn't they?Think about it. :lol:

Apparently I lack the ability to complete simple math late at nite - oops :oops:

They reached 7 wins with 3 in the last 4. Had they not already been eliminated I think Calgary, Winnipeg and Hamilton would have taken them a lot more seriously.

Well.........OK at least Calgary and Winnipeg would have. :wink: