Wow are they prepared

5 minutes in, i am so glad Mr.Austin did feel the need to trade for Glenn, 10 - 0 all ready, nice to see they are well prepared.

8 minutes in , 4 offensive plays, 2 punts and Banks is out, seems like a lot of Cats are made of glass

wow first down, wait they were offside, next throw 10 yards out of bounds, punt again, is that a 2 an out or 3 an out because of the penalty.

Looking at the Redblacks expansion team roster. Lot a guys that weren't good enough to play for Austin.

Medlock 20 yard punt???

17 nothing

I am a big Collaros fan but he is small in stature and like to run around. Both seasons in Hamilton he has missed half the games, get used to it. Maybe next year the 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th string QB will have some CFL experience.

Put the Clemson Fl. State game back, turned back and see the 4th string qb for Hamilon in now in,

Get a diary.

tell me why mathews started over Masoli

Bad Henry has not shown his face. He will when he faces the Argos in the eastern final. Cats are a joke.

I see that getting rid of Ellingson was one of their smarter moves.... the Eagle :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Ellingson was injured a lot the last two years here.

That must be why he was allowed to leave or maybe he chose to leave?

Go figure - he hasn't been injured AT ALL this season like he was in Hamilton. :? Do believe that he was allowed to walk as a FA but really don't know for sure.

So Ellingson would be lighting it up with Harris and Masoli? Cause nobody said anything about our receivers when Collaros was healthy.

Stop looking for something to complain about. There isn't a team in this league that would be competing on their 4th qb.

didn't cato start off as number 4 for mont. Seems to me he had mont competing.

He was, early in the season until teams got film on him and then he started to have problems It was early in the season, not playoff crunch time and Montreal didn't win THAT many games with him.

Is Montreal hosting a playoff game?

did Cato finish off the season?

He did so well they traded for a QB.
My point is that we are in a great spot all things considered. Most teams wouldn't be hosting a playoff game after losing their starting qb.
Where would Ottawa be without Burris?

you do have a point about Ottawa.

Cato was injured in week 10. It hampered his efforts to continue to play after that.