WoW am i impressed by the troops at half time!!

I know i am posting this a little early but my god has Doug Berry ever have the BB's Playing there a$$es off: :rockin:

a. Blink is alway's the man (over 100 yrds at half)

b. Mike Quinn looks much better (still need Glenn Though)

c. AJ3 is showing what he is made of, finally busting some awesome runs.

d. The defense looks refreshed and back to the warriors that they were

GO BOMBERS GO :rockin:

See you all again after the game see if my views have changed. Way to get the troops going Berry (coach of the year so far) :thup:

:oops: :thdn:

Wow am i embarressed, but my question is WHY did the o-cordinator throw when we were in field goal range the first time (c'mon) STUPID, but wait we still have time as i am typing this we are at mid-field with a field goal to tie, and we are picked off, damn.... well what can u do!!! Where was Roberts dammit,,,,, the coaches blew this one.

gotta try for the win!

WHY did the o-cordinator throw when we were in field goal range
must have been the same guy responsible for the 88 grey cup gift to bombers from dunigan :lol:

even when we were up 15-0 I knew they'd find a way to choke and lose the game.

Maybe I have, what do you call it? ESPN..?


Only in America.

Sorry that should be ESP


Big no to that.

When you are given a gift like that you take what you have. Sure maybe a safe pass, but a 40 yarder into double coverage?? That was a HUGE mistake :x