Wow: 60,000+ Expected for Saturday

After that great game today, it will be another barn burner on Saturday.
Boy I wish I was there in the real City of Champions.
I read how already 46,000 seats have been sold and they expect a sellout in excess of 60,000 and possibly a new regular season record.
Congrats Edmonton, with a slight help from Saskatchewan fans.

That's going to be one loud stadium! :o

The tarps will be coming off?

they are saying 30000 are going to be rider fans

No I heard there was a Tractor pull in Saskatoon , and the Prarie Farm report is starting a new season.

I seriously doubt that number. Someone in the main board was saying 49,000 tickets had been sold. Considering we’ve been averaging over 30,000 the last few weeks, there’s no way in hell there will be 30,000 Saskatchewan fans. I’d say 10,000-15,000.

Well, I can't find two seats together anywhere, with the exception of EE.....

My hotel is booked, and my jersey has been dry cleaned from the beer from last week, it's starting to look like we are watching this from a lounge somewhere......I don't do scalper tickets, they can kiss my rear, I blame them lots for buying up hot tickets and profiting from them, when those profits should be going to the clubs.....we're going anyway, just going to have to do it from a lounge somewhere I guess.... :cry:

I wouldn't say 30,000 from SK, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's 20,000, just about everyone I know is going....arghhhh!!!!

It's that hard to find tickets, eh? Maybe the place will be sold out. That'd be pretty cool. Well, whatever happens, I hope you enjoy the game.

5000-8000 sask fans at most. The Esks just had over 46,000 versus Calgary and you can assume that there were hardly any Rider fans at that game. Ticket sales are currently at 52,000, but the back to school promotion (free youth ticket with purchase of adult ticket) is on for this game, which will boost attendance. It's fairly safe to assume that the increase from 52,000 to whatever the actual attendance is on game are NOT due to sales to Rider fans. Sask. fans don't just decide "Hey I'm going to Edmonton in one or two days let's go buy tickets". Most Rider fans attending this game probably already have had their tickets purchased for a few weeks at least. Therefore, I'd assume the difference between the actual attendance and the 52,000 sold today(in other words the tickets sold between now and game time) would be mostly to Eskimo fans(especially because of the back to school voucher which was just handed out a few days ago), and NOT to Rider fans(It's unreasonable to think they would plan a trip to Edmonton and purchase tickets to the game just ONE day before the game). So if the actual attendance ends up being high 50s or in the 60s, it means an extra 8000 or so tickets sold to almost entirely Esks fans between now and game time.

I meant 5000-10000.

Lol, I know, just wishful thinking! :smiley:

On the upside, I found two tickets together in lower level W, but I had to resort to calling a friend in Edmonton that is a season ticket holder for an entire row there, I'm going to owe a couple of bottles somewhere. But my wife and I are now subject to the heckling of my friend and his Eskie fan friends there as well. That was a horrible call for me, "Hey Steve, have you got a couple extra?", "Well, well, looks who's begging for tickets, sure I have a couple, but you're going to have to come out with us after and be prepared for a rough night after we kick your a$$!!!".

I'm looking forward to it, I love Edmonton as a city, lived there for years, and it's ALWAYS a riot!

Just as long as we win! :rockin:

See you there!

Glad to hear things worked out for you. Sounds like you're in for a rough night, though. :lol: Enjoy the game.

I think a lot of the fans for the Calgary game came from Calgary. Just as I think alot of the Sask fans at this game dont come from Sask, they live in Alberta and are still Rider fans.

There were hardly any Calgary fans that came up for the rematch. Comparatively WAY more Riders fans than Stamps fans for the game this past weekend.