Wow! 6.7 Million Canadians watched Sunday CFL games!

[b]CFL Playoffs Deliver Record Audiences for TSN

– Edmonton @ Calgary attracts a record 1.55 million viewers –

– An average of 1.36 million viewers watched the BC @ Hamilton overtime thriller –

Toronto, ON (November 16, 2009) – The opening weekend of the CFL playoffs have delivered record audiences for TSN. Preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada confirms the highly anticipated battle of Alberta featuring Edmonton @ Calgary on Sunday afternoon averaged an impressive 1.55 million viewers making it the most-watched conference semifinal game ever recorded*.

Additionally, the BC @ Hamilton overtime thriller on TSN attracted 1.36 million viewers. The audience peaked at 2.1 million viewers during the final half-hour as the Ti-Cats forced overtime only to see the Lions win the game with a dramatic touchdown in extra time.

The two games combined reached an impressive 6.7 million Canadians throughout the six hours of game coverage on TSN.

CFL playoff action continues on TSN this weekend with the East Conference Final on Sunday, Nov. 22 featuring BC @ Montreal at 1 p.m. ET, followed by the West Conference Final featuring Calgary @ Saskatchewan at 4 p.m. ET. The CFL on TSN panel will be live on location from Mosaic Stadium in Regina for both games.

Both games are available in High Definition and on-demand on

TSN is laughing all the way to the bank.

I for one did not watch either game....because I was at Ivor Wynne. :thup:

Playoffs did double to triple what CTV and all those other stations got for the NFL.
So you think now TSN will give us a pregame show?
I doubt it.

Quoted for the truth.

TSN must be saying to themselves, its like taking candy from a baby`

Those are some damn impressive numbers. Yet, some ignorant fools will still claim this is a dying league.

So that's where all the Calgary fans were... :lol:

Not likely. Apparently Canadians are dying to see Pre-game stuff for NFL action in week 10, right before CFL playoff games.

Dont get me wron, I have no problem with the pre-game NFL stuff, but youd think they could delay it for 2 Sundays of the year..

Speaking of dying... I think that horse is dead. :?

I wonder where Kasps is?
He was telling us a few days back we should be lucky any network bothers to show the CFL.
Let alone give us a pre game show.
I say 6.7 million Canadians puts the arguement in our favour.

I almost want TSN to waste time with a pointless hour long pre-game show just so I can see what garbage you’ll bitch about next.

Awesome…huge numbers.
If the Als make it to the GC, I predict 1M+ on RDS and maybe 5M+ on TSN. Total of 6 million may not be unheard of.
Now can you imagine if CTV was involved.
Oh yes, TSN if they were smart should not wait two more years and instead sign a revised contract calling for $25M for each of the next two years and then $50M for the next extension of three years.

Hey buddy, this isn't my thread.

watch, the Sask vs Cgy game will get 2 maybe 3 Million viewers!!

This will be great news for the CFL when it comes time to renew the tv deal with TSN. Then the CFL will get to laugh on their way to the bank too! :smiley:

Sure as heck hope so since the league got fleeced when the current TV deal was signed. It was waaaay undervalued

But the current contract doesn't expire until 2013.

without out tsn, the cfl would still be not very apreciated on the cbc... so im not sure the cfl got ripped off or if it was undervalued at the time, as they mayb not have predicted it would re-popularize.

One in five of the great white I've said elsewhere in this forum, the league is poised for a return to the prominence it once enjoyed and so richly deserves.

Who's going to bid against TSN? It can pretty much dictate how much it will pay. The CBC's lame coverage isn't even an option anymore, and even if it was it can no longer afford it.

Of course it will ,the holy Riders are playing :roll: In fact, I'm guessing that if the Riders did a tide commercial half the planet would likely tune in.