wouldn't it be something...

to own the football (or footballs if they used more than one) used in what is arguably the greatest football game of all time (the 2005 Grey Cup)???

I wonder who owns it now, or how much it would be worth?

I'd love to see how much people would bet for it on Ebay.

time to go into Master Card mode now (note: all these are rough estimates, I not familiar with the Canadian currency, or the actual prices of these items below)

2005 Grey Cup DVD: $26 (I can't believe that CBC hasn't released one yet)
2005 Grey Cup ticket: $200
2005 Grey Cup Football that was actually used in the game: Pierceless

.....I guess Buck wasn't playing in that game then.....

No I think it means no nose rings or belly button rings!

I own a copy :slight_smile:

I know other folks around here who also do !

A copy of?

A copy of the Grey Cup on DVD

Some people have a copy.....like me..... :slight_smile:

the 2005 GC?
I have one as well

oh man, I would sell my soul, give an arm and leg, for a copy.

do you know any place online that would sell a copy?

Who won the 2006 grey cup ro?

Note: When I posted this ro had said he owned the 2006 grey cup dvd, he has since edited his post.

ahhhhhhshaadddaaaappp :lol:

I think that is French for "Alouettes".

just kidding :lol:

“Alouettes” IS French…

I told you there was a market out there!

I finally got my bootlegged copy from my neighbour who bought it on the Black market when he visted Edmonton last month.

Once again CBC misses the boat.....Geez maybe if they had sold a few copies there wouldn't be as much tax dollars required to keep the "Mother Corp" a float.

i think CBC didnt sell enough copies of the 2004 DVD, so decided it wasnt worth while to continue.

When I was in the ScotiaBank lodge for the Eastern Final (not only ro can brag), I received an official 2005 Grey Cup game football.

Two weeks later, I was in the Als locker room for the annual visit. I had the ball with me to have it signed by players. Then, Philipp Gauthier goes "Woah! Where did you get that ball?"

Then he told me that, while in Vancouver for the Grey Cup game, he kept a football as a souvenir... Only to have the game organizers to come after the team and accuse him of stealing Grey Cup game property! He was forced to hand it back and to present excuses to every one. And no one got to keep a ball.

Isn't that... cheap?...

I see their point, but c'mon, the guy has played in the greatest football game ever (which he was on the losing side, sadly), let him keep a football on remember it by.

and can you imagine how much one of those footballs would go for on ebay? Let's make some money!

I said it before, but I wonder where the footballs are now?

Thrid, hang on to that football!

I'm hanging on to it, but it wasn't a game-used ball. There must be a few thousands like mine, whereas there are 21 real game balls.

I guess the organizers kept them.

And BTW, you say "lets make some money", but none of us would make any money as we don't have the balls. We'd probably SPEND money.

I mean the league, or the organization that has the Footballs now.

Maybe they use the same footballs in the GC games until they wear out... im joking but in the CFL anything is possible.. :lol: